Trinidad and Tobago became an independent nation on August 31st 1962. This meant that we were now able to chart our own destiny. Though the Queen of England and the British Government still remained our Head of State, there were several things that came along with us now being independent:


The National Flag of Trinidad and Tobago

We got our own National Flag with the colours red, white and black which represent the earth, water and fire which embodies our past, present and future. We got our own National Anthem written by Mr. Patrick Castagne Our Coat of Arms which was designed by a team of artist which included Carlyle Chang and Carnival Designer George Bailey.

Coat of Arms

The Coat of Arms of Trinidad and Tobago

  • Our National Flower the “Chaconia” also known as the “Wild Poinsettia”


National Flower: The Double Chaconia

  • Our National Birds: The Scarlet Ibis and the Cocrico

Scarlet Ibis

National Bird: The Scarlet Ibis


National Bird: The Cocrico

  • Our first Prime Minister, Dr. Eric Williams
  • Our Governor General, Sir Solomon Hochoy
  • Our Chief of Justice Sir Hugh Wooding T.C.
  • Our National Guard Our National Birds: The Scarlet Ibis and the Cocrico
  • Our Watch Words given to us by Dr. Eric Williams, “Discipline, Production and Tolerance.”
  • We became part of the Commonwealth family.

With our independence, we were now able to appoint ambassadors and other elected officials to represent our country on an international level such as in forums and treaties. We were then able to join international organizations which gave Trinidad and Tobago equal rights as other countries on different world issues such as international trade and policies.

“Our National Flag belongs to all our citizens. Our National Coat of Arms, with our National Birds inscribed therein, is the sacred trust of our citizens. So it is today, please, I urge you, let it always be so. Let us always be able to say, with the Psalmist, behold, how good, and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity.”- Dr. Eric Williams 1962


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