“Once upon a time, there was a girl who was naughty.

At home, she threw tantrums, at school she was a bully….” 

Joseanne J.Q. 

Lines like these can be captivating to draw readers in, to keep turning pages until the end. There are different genres of writing, from adventure and science fiction to non-fiction or facts, but any of these genres can be used for storytelling.

Did you know that storytelling is an old tradition?  Before there were books, libraries, librarians, tablets and phones, there was a practice of sharing information orally.


Why Storytelling?

Families can use storytelling or reading aloud as bonding time.  Even though we have televisions and the internet, storytelling is and can still be an enjoyable experience. This can be tailored to suit your routines, such as being incorporated into the daytime schedule with school activities or just before bed to create a night time routine. 


Benefits to Children

  • Children would associate learning with creativity and enjoyment
  • Confidence is boosted
  • Increase in their vocabulary
  • Quality time with parents/guardians


Benefits to Adults

  • A break from chores and regular routines
  • Quality time with children
  • Get children to focus on a constructive activity
  • Create a culture of learning in the home
  • Pure fun!!!


Where to look?

Some online options for reading materials include, but are not limited to the following: (Please always supervise online activities of small children)

The genre or medium chosen is totally up to the reader. However, the experiences to be derived are limitless. Personal experiences can also be dramatised, use the inner child.

The pandemic has forced families to become more creative as they spend more time together. Consider adding to your story by engaging in storytelling. Let the storytelling begin! 



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