INFANTS 1 and 2

The content of the Social Studies Curriculum of the Ministry of Education spans the core disciplines of History, Geography, Anthropology, Economics and Political Science. Emphasis is placed on the processes and skills involved in social interaction to assist in creating students who ultimately become informed, confident, and effective citizens of Trinidad and Tobago. World complexities resulting from the transformative effects of technology now make it mandatory for students to master the skills of communication, critical thinking, problem solving enable them to better understand, participate in, and contribute to the local, national and global communities in which they live and work. Young minds must thus be nurtured to function competently and effectively in today’s complex society.

Understanding the past makes children better understand and appreciate the present so as to significantly impact the future. An understanding of other cultures will prepare the student to competently examine and celebrate their own.

The content of the Social Studies Curriculum is therefore based upon the following paradigms:

  • Personal and Social Development
  • Our Heritage
  • Our Environment
  • Organisations
  • Change

The desired outcomes include:

  • An understanding of how societies are organized and how they function.
  • An understanding of the ways in which people and communities respond
  • An understanding of the varying Perspectives, Values, and Viewpoints that shape community responses, and,
  • An understanding and clarification of one’s own particular identity in relation to one’s heritage and context.
  • Speak Clearly and Confidently


  • How to Help your Children Speak Clearly & Confidently (Teacher Resource)

  • Strategies for Encouraging Your Child's Speech and Language Development (Teacher Resource)

  • Speech Exercises (Teacher Resource)

  • Tips and Tricks for Working with Children who Stutter (Speech Therapy) (Teacher Resource)

  • Kids Public Speaking Tutorial/Classroom Activities for Better Speaking Skills/Teach kids Elocution (Teacher Resource)

  • English Speech for Public Speaking Training Kids | Self Confidence | Stage Speaking learning videos (Teacher Resource)

  • Self- Analysis


  • What is Self-Awareness for Kids | Social Emotional Learning | Annie & Rocco

  • Social Emotional Learning Videos for Kids: Self-Awareness & Strengths

  • What are my Strengths? | Self-Awareness | Building Confidence

  • Self-awareness – BBC Bitesize Key Stage 2 Personal Development and Mutual Understanding

  • Self -Awareness Featuring the Character Effect™ Characters

  • 5 Incredibly Fun GAMES to Teach Self-Regulation (Self-Control) | Early Childhood Development (Teacher Resource)

  • The Reflection in Me HD

  • Sesame Street: What Makes You Special?

  • I am Special Because! | Read with Akili and Me

  • READ ALOUD: I LIKE MYSELF by: Karen Beaumont

  • Sesame Street: Sings "What I Am"

  • What is Character? (Let's Make It Easy)

  • Self-Esteem: How to Feel Awesome About Being You

  • Sesame Street: Confidence (Word on the Street Podcast)

  • I BELIEVE IN MYSELF! 💛Confidence Builder Book for Kids - Kids Stories Read Aloud

  • Self Esteem for Kids Song | Building Self Confidence

  • Anger Management


  • Anger Management for Kids!

  • Anger Management for Kids (and Adults)

  • Control Your Anger Kids Stories | Short Moral Stories for Kids

  • What Shall We Do With The Angry Monster?

  • My Wallaby Won't Use His Words! Social Skills songs for kids

  • I Was So Mad by Mercer Mayer - Little Critter - Read Aloud Books for Children

  • When I Am Angry - by Michael Gordon. Children's Audiobook (Read-Aloud) -How to Overcome Anger

  • Emotions


  • Why do we have Feelings? - Feelings and Emotions for Kids

  • In My Heart: A Book of Feelings | Read Aloud Story for Kids

  • Kids Vocabulary - [NEW] Feel - Feelings - Are you Happy?

  • Kids Vocabulary - [Old] Feel (Feelings or Emotions) - Are you Happy?

  • Emotions for Kids - Happiness, Sadness, Fear, Anger, Disgust and Surprise

  • Feelings and Emotions Vocabulary

  • Sesame Street: Name That Emotion with Murray!


  • The Feelings Song


  • Worksheets on Understanding feelings (Teacher Resource)

  • Family Tree


  • Family Tree for Kids

  • Family | Family members | Family tree | My Family

  • Family - Family Members & Tree

  • Vocabulary about FAMILY for Children

  • Guess a Family Member

  • Who's This? Who's That? (Introducing Family)

  • Family Tree | Family Members & Tree

  • How to Make Family Tree | Kids Project on Family

  • Family Tree Drawing for Toddlers

  • How to Draw a Family Tree

  • How to Make a FAMILY Tree Project - Easy Beginners Art Project for Kids (Teacher Resource)

  • How to Draw a Tree Easy Steps


  • Three Generation Family Tree Templates (Teacher Resource)

  • Ways to Display Family Tree (Teacher Resource)

  • Communicating with Family and Friends


  • I Love You - Family (HD) - Nursery Rhymes

  1. Greeting, Introduction (English Dialogue)

  • Theme 1. Greeting - Good morning. Good bye. ESL Song & Story

  • Talking about Daily Routines

  • 21. Welcome to my house (English Dialogue)

  • [Telephone Conversations] May I speak to Kate? I'll call back later

  • [Telephone Conversations] Can I Speak to Sally? Speaking

  • [Can] Can I Use Your Glue?

  • [Can] Can I Help You?

  • [Where] Where is My Coat?

  • [Where] Where are you?

  • Theme 15. How Old - How old are you?

  • Theme 21. Let's - Let's Play Soccer

  • Theme 8. Sorry - Watch out! Are you Okay?

  • Theme 7. Yours? Mine - Whose Bike is this?

  • Theme 3. Day - What Day is it? It's Monday

  • Days of the Week for Kids

  • Months of the Year Song

  • Theme 4. Weather - How's the Weather? It's Sunny

  • Kids Vocabulary - Health Problems - Hospital Play

  • Kids Vocabulary - Hobbies and Interests- What Do You Like Doing?

  • Kids Vocabulary - Playground

  • Learn Good Manners for Kids | Learn How to Be Kind

  • Use Polite Words (Signing Savvy) S3 E23

  • Short Story - The Magic Words

  • Chiku Says "NO" - Good Habits Bedtime Stories & Moral Stories for Kids

  • Say Please, Sorry and Thank You! - Good Habits for Children

  • Magic Words | Say Please, Thank you, Sorry, Excuse me

  • R.E.S.P.E.C.T. S8 E4

  • Kids Meet a 101 Year Old

  • Good Touch and Bad Touch


  • “Safe touch”, “Unsafe touch,” Best safety practice for kids

  • Protect Yourself Rules - Recognize the Signs

  • Keep Your Hands to Yourself S3 E20

  • It's Me who Protects My Precious Body

  • Keeping our Children Safe: Good Touch vs Bad Touch

  • Good Touch and Bad Touch

  • Bad Touch Good Touch

  • Good Touch Bad Touch | Kids Awareness | Child Safety

  • Good Touch & Bad Touch Educational Video for Kids

  • Protect Yourself Rules – Tell

  • Protect Yourself Rules – Bullying

  • Safety


  • Safety Signs

  • ABC's of Safety

  • Safety Rules for Kids

  • What are Safety Rules for Kids?

  • Safety Rules For Children | Safety Rules on Road, in Bus, in School and While Playing

  • Be Alert Be Safe | How to Keep Kids Safe | Safety Rules To Remember in House, School and On Road

  • Safety in the House

  • Home Safe Home 🏡 | Lou and Lou

  • Kitchen Safety Rules | Safety Rule Songs

  • Be Alert Be Safe

  • Party Safety Rules | Safety Rule Songs

  • Park Safety Rules | Safety Rule Songs

  • School Bus Safety for Kids by a Kid!

  • Stay Seated on a Bus S4 E7

  • Field Trip Safety Rules | Safety Rule Songs

  • Field Trip | Lou and Lou

  • Pool Safety Rules | Safety Rule Songs

  • Pool Safety 🌊 | Lou and Lou | Disney Junior

  • Water Safety

  • Road Safety Rules | Safety Rule Songs

  • Road Safety Video || Traffic Rules and Signs for Kids

  • Green Light - Traffic Signs for Kids

  • Remote Learning Brain-pop JR Safety Signs

  • Protect Yourself Rules - A Friendly Stranger

  • "Not Everyone Is Nice: Helping Children Learn Caution with Strangers" by Frederick Alimonti and Ann

  • Stranger Danger & Awareness for Kids | Children nursery rhymes safety song | Patty Shukla

  • Don't Follow Strangers

  • Know What to Do if You Get Lost (Signing Savvy) S2 E3

  • Cardinal Points


  • Cardinal Directions - Explanation for Kids

  • Cardinal Directions for Kids

  • Cardinal Directions for Kids! (Mini-lesson)

  • What are Cardinal Directions?

  • Maps and Directions | Types of Maps | Cardinal Directions

  • 4 Cardinal Directions | North South East West Learning Trick

  • Exploring North, South, East, and West with the Help of Sun

  • Learning Directions in English

  • North South East West | Learn Directions for Kids

  • Short Stories for Kids - What's a Compass?


  • LIVEWORKSHEETS- Cardinal Directions (Teacher Resource)

  • Which Direction? - Printable Worksheets (Teacher Resource)

  • Cardinal Directions and the Compass (Teacher Worksheets)

  • Compass Rose and Cardinal Directions (Teacher Resources)

  • Cardinal Directions

  • Maps


  • Reading a Map: Cardinal Directions (Teacher Worksheets)

  • Basic Map Skills (Teacher Worksheets)

  • Map Skills for Elementary Students (Teacher Resource)

  • How to Draw a Map of an Imagery Place (Teacher Resource)


  • What are Maps?

  • Kids Vocabulary - Map - Using a Map

  • Maps for Kids Map reading Basic Types of Map (Kindergarten, Preschoolers, Toddlers)

  • Maps and Globes for Kids

  • Maps for Kids | Learn How to Read a Map and Other Skills

  • How to Make a Map | Geography for Kids

  • Home and School Address


  • Kindergarten Readiness | Learn Your Address and Phone Number (Teacher Resource)

  • How to Teach Children Their Address (Teacher Resource)

  • The Address Song (sing along) | Learn how to read an address!

  • This Is Where I Live

  • Where Do You Live Song?

  • Sesame Street: Homes | Elmo's World"


  • How to Teach Kids to Memorize Their Address and Phone Number (Teacher Resource)

  • My Address Worksheet (Teacher Resource)

  • Directions- Asking for; Giving


Asking For and Giving Directions

  • Where - Where is it? - Asking the Way | ESL Song & Story

  • Giving Directions Words Sentences


  • Giving Directions (Teacher Resource)

  • Describing – My Home, My School


  • My School for Children

  • Kids Vocabulary - [Old] School

  • My School

  • My House

  • House - Parts of the House

  • My House

  • This Is Where I Live

  • Healthy Habits- Keeping Myself, My School, My home and the Environment Clean


  • Keep the School Clean (MGS)

  • How to Take Care of the Environment

  • What is Environment and How to Keep It Clean?

  • Environment Cleanliness Kids

  • Keeping Our Surroundings Clean

  • Cleanliness of Your Surroundings

  • Clean your Surroundings

  • Clean and Green Neighborhood

  • Keeping the House Clean

  • Things Used for Keeping a Clean House

  • Why Cleaning your Room is Important?

  • Keep Your Room Clean

  • Cleanliness ~ Keeping Our House Clean

  • Good Hygiene for Kids

  • What If You NEVER Brushed Your Teeth?

  • Hygiene Habits - Showering, Hand Washing, Tooth Brushing, Face Washing

  • Personal Hygiene for Kids

  • Taking Care of My Body

  • Transportation defined, types, etc.


  • Transportation

  • Modes of Transport


  • What is Transportation?

  • Transportation Vocabulary and Vehicle Names

  • Modes of Transport for Children

  • Mode of Transport for Kids || Types of Transportation

  • Types of Transportation!

  • Different Types of Transportation

  • We All Go Traveling By (Sing along)

  • Modes of Transport

  • Means of Transport for Children - Land, Water and Air Transport for Kids

  • Public Transport

  • Preschool Activity- Learn About Transport

  • Road Safety and Traffic Signs for Kids

  • Safety Signs Video and Comprehension Questions

  • Let's Explore! Safety Signs

  • Traffic Signs and Rules for Kids | Road Safety for Children

  • Traffic Rules and Signs for Kids | Tips for Road Safety for Kids

  • Can you Guess these 15 Road Signs ?

  • STD 1- EVS Traffic and Road Safety Rules

  • Writing Instruments History


  • How Are Pencils Made? | Science for Kids

  • Invention of Pencil - The Dr. Binocs Show

  • History of Pen

  • How we got from Sticks to Pens? Here's a Brief HISTORY!

  • Evolution of Pen 1300 BC – 2021

  • Pen – Inventions & Discoveries | Educational Videos for Kids


  • Writing Instruments History

  • Kicking it Old School: the History of the Pencil, Paper and Eraser

  • The Pencil

  • Pen

  • Weather Conditions Described- Sunny, Rainy, Windy, Cloudy, etc.


  • The Weather for Kids

  • Introduction to Weather

  • What are 4 Types of Weather?

  • Types of Weather

  • Song on Weather Condition

  • Weather Types

  • Learn the Weather for Kids | Weather Types

  • What’s the Weather like Today?

  • Weather Types Quiz

  • Science Trek-Weather (Teacher Resource)

  • Classroom Friendly Weather Videos (Teacher Resource)

  • Feelings Associated with Weather Conditions


  • Forecast of Feelings: Exploring Emotions Using Weather (Teacher Resource)

  • Mindfulness for Children – Weather Station for Emotion Regulation (Teacher Resource)


  • My Inside Weather | A Book about Emotions Read Aloud For Children

  • Weather Symbols


  • Simple Drawing for Kindergarten Step by Step || Drawing and Coloring for Kindergarten (Weather Symbols)

  • How to Draw Weather Map Symbol - Step by Step Instructions

  • How to Draw Weather Symbols

  • Weather | Easy Drawings & Coloring


  • Weather Symbols

  • Activities - Raining, Snowing, etc.


  • Art Project: Waste Material: Craft idea Raining Cloud Craft Tutorial for Kids(Teacher Resource)

  • Rainy Day | Treeschool | PART 1

  • Rainy Day! | Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs with Sweet Tweets

  • ☔ The Rainy Day ☔| Read Aloud for Kids!

  • Weather for Kids | What Will the Weather Be Like Today?

  • Weather Wheel Activity for Kids (Teacher Resource)

  • Weather Mobile Craft for Kids (Teacher Resource)

  • Activities in Different Weather

  • Weather Types Quiz

  • Name that Weather type!


  • Free Printable Weather Activities for Kids (Teacher Resource)

  • My Weather Chart (Activity) – (Teacher Resource)

  • What to Wear?


  • Weather and Clothes PowerPoint [SLIDES]


  • Clothing Clipart Cool Clothes 2519208- Weather Wear (Teacher Resource)

  • Seasonal and Everyday Clothes Clipart (Teacher Resource)


  • Get Dressed for the Day Song

  • Clothes for Every Season

  • Weather and Clothes

  • Seasons, Weather and Clothes

  • Weather Safety


  • S.A.F.E.: Weather Safety

  • Weather Safety Videos for Kids (Teacher Resource)


  • Weather Safety (Teacher Resource)

  • Storm and Emergency Safety Guide for Kids (Teacher Resource)

  • Monster Guard App (Teacher Resource)

  • Read Wrigley Books

  • Read Wrigley Checklists

  • Disaster Master (Game)

  1. Places I Go

  • Landmarks in the Community


  • What is a Landmark?

  • Lesson for Kids: What Is a Landmark? - Definition & Facts


  • Landmarks in Trinidad and Tobago. Circle Time Education

  • Trinidad and Tobago Landmarks

  • The Village, the Town, the City


  • Blanchisseuse Village - Trinidad North Coast Heaven (Teacher Resource)

  • What's the Difference Between Cities, Towns, and Villages? (Teacher Resource)

  • Parts of the City I - Vocabulary for Kids

  • Town - Village - Introduction of My Town

  • Sesame Street – “Places in Our Neighborhood”


  • Village

  • Village

  • Village Facts for Kids

  • City, Town, and Village–What’s the Difference?

  • City vs. Town vs. Village: How to Describe Places (Teacher Resource)

  • The Community


  • What is a Community?

  • Social Studies: What is a Community?

  • Your Community | Types of Community

  • Communities for Kids - Types of Communities

  • Places in the Community

  • Common Places in Your Community (Worksheet)

  • Towns and Cities: Urban and Rural Communities

  • Urban, Suburban and Rural Communities

  1. People: Heroes in my Life
  • What is a Hero?


  • What is a Hero? (Teacher Resource)

  • Kid President Talks to Tom Hanks about Heroes!

  • What Makes Someone a Hero?

  • What Makes a Hero?

  • "What is a Hero?" From Kids' Perspective

  • Mystery Read Aloud: "What Makes a Hero" [Story-time with Bill]


  • From the Minds of Third Graders: What is a “Hero” in Todays’ World?

  • What are the Traits of a Great Hero? (Activities)

  • What Makes a Hero? (Teacher Resource)

  • Identify the Hero in Me


  • Finding the Hero Within: A Second Grade Class Activity

  • Helping Kids Find Their Inner Heroes (Teacher Resource)

  • “I Am a Superhero" (Song)

- Heroes in the Home, School and Community


  • Sesame Street: Heroes in Your Neighborhood Song

  • Thank You to Our Heroes Kids Music Video

  • Who is Your Hero? Kids talk about Heroes

  • Who is Your Hero?

  • Everyday Heroes | Andrew Boughner

  • My Hero is You (Film)

  • Heroes in Our Community (Teacher Resource)

  1. Food: The Things I Eat
  • Daily Diet


  • The Food Pyramid

  • Balanced Diet

  • Healthy Food Vs Junk Food Song!

  • Healthy Eating: An Introduction for Children aged 5-11

  • Healthy Food | Science for Kids

  • The Importance of Healthy Food

  • Nutrition, Food Pyramid, Healthy Eating, Educational Videos for Kids

  • The 5 Fabulous Food Groups


  • Teaching Kids to Eat Healthy (Teacher Resource)

  • Children’s Activities: Healthy Eating (Teacher Resource)

  • Kids and Food Preparation


  • Easy Recipes That Kids Can Make

  • Preparing Food

  • Involving Kids in Meal Time Tasks

  • Kids in the Kitchen (Teacher Resource- Websites, Activities, etc.)

  • Cooking with Pre-Schoolers

  • 5 Simple Ways to Involve Kids in Meal Planning

  • 5 Tips to Help Get Your Kids Involved with Meal Prep

  • Preparing and Cooking Food

  • Preparation of Food (Teacher Resource)

  • Preparing and Cooking Food Safely (Teacher Resource)

  1. Celebrate: This is a Good Place to be
  • Significance of Independence and Republic Days


  • Independence Day

  • Independence Day in Trinidad and Tobago 2021

  • The National Flag

  • Republic Day

  • Republic Day in Trinidad and Tobago 2021

  • Trinidad and Tobago Celebrates Republic Day

  • National Symbols

  • National Emblems

  • Our Emblems

  • Independence in Trinidad and Tobago (Teacher Resource)

  • Independence Day Celebrations- LOOP

  • Independence Day (Celebrations) - (Teacher Resource)


  • National Identity Guidelines of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago (Teacher Resource)


  • Trinidad and Tobago National Emblems and more

  • National Emblems of Trinidad and Tobago

  • Trinidad and Tobago Flag - National Symbols

  • About Trinidad & Tobago Republic day

  • Republic Day vs. Independence Day (Trinidad and Tobago)

  • The Significance of Republic Day

  • Trinidad Is A Real Place - Independence Edition (The Parade)- (Teacher Resource)

  • The National Pledge of Trinidad and Tobago

  • Trinidad & Tobago Pledge (done by Jaydan Augustine)

  • National Anthem of Trinidad and Tobago

  • Trinidad & Tobago's National Anthem (Acapella) - Denice Millien

  • Religious Observances


  • National Holidays and Festivals

  • 20 Festivals You Must Experience in Trinidad & Tobago

  • Trinidad and Tobago Public Holidays

  • Religious Holidays in Trinidad and Tobago (Worksheet) - (Teacher Resource)

  • First Day of School


  • Kindergarten Kids Explain Their First Day of School

  • What is the First Day of Kindergarten like?

  • Starting School

  • Preparing For the First Day of School (Teacher Resource)

  • Starting School video 1: Thinking about Transition to School (Teacher Resource)

  • A Day in Kindergarten

  • Lucy's First Day at School | Time for School Full Episode

  • First Day of School | CoComelon Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs

  • How Kids Feel on the First Day of School


  • The Importance of the First Day of School (Teacher Resource)

  • 17 Fun First Day of School Activities to Try (Teacher Resource)

  • 50 Back to School Activities for Elementary Students (Teacher Resource)

  • Birthdays


  • Why it’s Important to Celebrate Kids’ Birthdays During a Pandemic — and How to Do It (Teacher Resource)

  • Celebrating Birthdays and Holidays during Social Distancing


  • Celebrating Birthdays

  • 100-1-Video School-Happy Birthday around the World

  • Birthdays Around the World

  • Birthday Celebrations Around the World

  • Kids Try Birthday Food from Around the World

  • Kids Explain Birthdays

  • Birthday Wishes: Happy Birthday and Fun Learning For Kids

  • Happy Birthday Song for Children

  • 28 Birthday Traditions From Around the World

  • Safety Precautions When Celebrating


  • Party Safety Rules

  • Kitchen Safety Rules

  • Zoo Safety Rules

  • Safety Tips for Kids. What are Safety Rules for Kids?

  • Kids’ Water Safety Video

  • Safety Rules for Swimming Nursery Rhymes

  • Personal Hygiene; Importance of Water, etc.


  • Hygiene for Kids

  • Personal Hygiene for Kids

  • What If You Never Took A Shower?

  • How to Brush Your Teeth - Tooth Brushing for Kids

  • Hygiene for Kids (Clean and Healthy)

  • Personal Cleanliness for Kids

  • Cleanliness | Proper Hygiene for Kids

  • Animated Story for Kids | Clean Eyes and Ears | Clean Teeth Are Healthy Teeth

  • Personal Hygiene for Kids | Basic Rules of Life | How to Live A Healthy Life

  • Hygiene Habits for Kids

  • Healthy Habits for Kids | How to Stay Fit and Healthy

  • Personal Hygiene

  • Why Do We Drink Water? | Importance of Water | Stay Hydrated

  • Thomas & Friends on Clean Water & Sanitation - Goal #6


  • Personal Hygiene for Kids: Importance and Habits to Teach (Teacher Resource)

  • Easy to Teach Hygiene Activities for Kids (Teacher Resource)

  • Personal Hygiene Worksheets (Teacher Resource)

  • Water Conservation


  • Save Water to Help the Earth

  • Water Saving Tips and Tricks - Let's Save the Planet

  • "Let's Go Save Water" - PUB Water Conservation Animation

  • Save Water | Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs

  • Cussly Learns To Save Water

  • Why Should I Save Water?

  • Simple Steps to Save Water


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