16 February 2022


Ramesh Deosaran, ORTT, Professor Emeritus, donated 125 of his educational and research textbooks to the National Library and Information System Authority (NALIS), The University of the West Indies (UWI), the University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT) and the University of the Southern Caribbean (USC) on February 8.

The ceremony, held at the National Library, was attended by Neil Parsanlal, Chairman of the board of NALIS; Paula Greene, Executive Director (Ag) NALIS; Michelle Garcia de Armesto, Director, Heritage Library Division (Ag.), NALIS; Susan Sandiford, Campus Librarian at UTT and Stacyann Quintero, Library Director at USC.

At the presentation, Professor Deosaran, criminologist, former Independent Senator, author and former Chairman of the Police Service Commission said that he hoped the donated books will serve to cultivate an intellectual climate and reading culture among the youth as well as provide the next generation with an available set of references on major issues, events and personalities that shaped the last fifty years of the Trinidad and Tobago society.

On behalf of the Board of NALIS, Parsanlal expressed his appreciation to Professor Deosaran for his contribution to the bibliography of Trinidad and Tobago. Greene, lauded the donation as a welcomed addition to the Heritage Library’s mission of building a storehouse of West Indian material and Sandiford praised the timeliness of the donation. In delivering brief remarks Sandiford said that UTT welcomed the donation given that there is a paucity of local content on such important topics as crime and public safety.  She promised that books will be well used by students and faculty.

The publications donated include titles such as: Social Psychology in the Caribbean; Crime; Justice and Society; Race and Politics in a Divided Nation; Education, Class and Politics, and A Society Under Siege.