08 June 2020



Given its mandate to promote, preserve and make easily accessible information about Trinidad and Tobago, the National Library and Information System Authority’s (Nalis) Heritage Library launched the project titled: “In your own words: COVID-19 in T&T” on Wednesday May 27, 2020.

This project seeks to document persons’ experiences during this unprecedented time.  Individuals are therefore invited to share their stories and experiences through their documented journals, diaries, poetry, email and letters; visual art forms, including paintings, drawings, photographs, videos, spoken word and music; and social media posts, memes and parodies. 

The information collected through this project will serve to create primary sources of data which may be used by educators, researchers, students and the general public to gain a better understanding of the impact of the epidemic on the people of Trinidad and Tobago.

The Heritage Library has also embarked upon documenting Trinidad and Tobago’s roadmap to recovery as it unfolds, and will continue to collect, for posterity, information relevant to Trinidad and Tobago’s development, history, culture, and the arts.

For more information about the “In your own words: COVID-19 in T&T” project as well as to contribute, persons can visit the Heritage Library’s Facebook page @NALISHLDTT, the website: https://www.nalis.gov.tt/Heritage-Library/Covid-19-in-Trinidad-and-Tobago or email ourheritagett@gmail.com. For more information about the Heritage Library visit https://www.nalis.gov.tt/Libraries/Heritage-Library.