21 April 2020


During this “stay at home” period, thousands of persons have been logging into the National Library and Information System Authority’s (NALIS) Facebook pages for educational and entertaining materials.  The most popular “views” have been stories narrated by members of staff.  These stories include: “How Anansi Got His Stories” told in a forested setting by Kester Peters; “The Story of the Cross” created and told by Jasmin Simmons (Auntie Jay) in commemoration of Easter; Konkoloop: The Scary Cave Monster” read by Vernice Phillip; “Pete the Cat and His Groovy Buttons” told by Leann George, and “Under the Papal Tree” authored and read by Vashti Bowlah, to name a few. 

NALIS libraries have always used the art of storytelling to promote the reading habit, build vocabulary and listening skills, as well as introduce persons to local literature and our country’s rich oral tradition.    Storytelling sessions are usually conducted on Saturday mornings or when tiny tots visit libraries during the week.  In the main, the storytellers are members of staff, or on occasion, invited children’s authors and local celebrities.   The posting of stories online is a new addition to NALIS’ pages and will continue beyond the “stay at home” period.

In addition to the stories posted on NALIS’ page, e-Books, Spanish conversation classes, arts and craft, scrabble clubs, meet the author sessions and past examination papers have been well received. NALIS will continue to provide educational and entertaining materials online for its patrons.