05 June 2018


See live performances by flamenco dancers, capoeira artistes (Afro-Brazilian martial arts), merengue dancers and a lot more at NALIS’ second edition of Latin Nights from June 11 to 16 at the National Library of Trinidad and Tobago, located at Hart and Abercromby Streets, Port of Spain. All events are free to the public.

Dubbed “Latin Nights 2”, this series of events is a celebration of Latin culture, folklore, films, arts and cuisine. It is geared towards bridging cultural divides and promoting the use of Spanish as Trinidad and Tobago’s second language.

Through their embassies in Trinidad and Tobago, participating countries will include Brazil (the only Portuguese speaking country taking part), the Dominican Republic, Chile, Costa Rica, Cuba, Mexico, Peru and Spain.

The formal opening of “Latin Nights 2” will be held on June 11 at 6:30 pm.  Marlene Mc Donald, Minister of Public Administration and Communications; Dennis Moses, Minister of Foreign and Caricom Affairs; Jose A. Serulle Romia, ambassador of the Dominican Republic and Dean of the Diplomatic Corps and Neil Parsanlal, Chairman of the Board of NALIS are expected to deliver remarks.  The formal opening will be followed by performances by Los Alamos de San Flores (Trinidad and Tobago’s contribution to the festival), a cocktail reception and the opening of an exhibition showcasing artefacts from all participating countries.  The artefacts will be on display throughout the duration of the festival.

On June 12 at 6:30 pm, the embassy of the Dominican Republic will present merengue, a type of music and dance originating from that country which forms part of the island of Hispaniola. The award winning film “Chicama” will be screened at 9:30 am by the embassy of Peru in the Audio Visual Room, National Library on June 13 and in the evening, Brazil will present Capoeira artistes.

On June 14 the embassy of Costa Rica and Cuba will present their country’s offerings at 10:00 am and 6:30 pm respectively.  Costa Rica’s presentation consists of workshops and the screening of films targeted to primary and secondary school students themed “Our Essence Defines Us”.  The Cuban classic film titled “Clandestinos” will be shown at the Audio Visual Room for persons of all ages.  This film is a 1987 drama directed by Fernando Perez.

Chilean artist, Luis Vasquez La Roche will chat with members of the public at the News Media Room where his works will be on display on June 16 from 1:00 pm.    The curtains will come down on “Latin Nights 2” at 7:00 pm with performances by flamenco dancers.  This show, put on by the Spanish embassy will be held at the Amphitheatre.  Mexican ceramics, for which Mexico is popularly known, will be on display at that Rotunda of the library throughout “Latin Nights 2”.

By Act 18 on 1998, NALIS is mandated to provide library and information service, easily accessible to members of the public, in order to facilitate cultural, economic, educational, political and social development of the people of Trinidad and Tobago.  Latin Nights provides an avenue for NALIS to present information in a variety of formats towards fulfilling its mandate.