31 January 2018


Nalis’ “Talkin Mas” exhibition, showcasing photographs of a select group of Trinidad and Tobago’s carnival characters, is on display at the National Library, Port of Spain until the end of the Carnival Season.

The exhibition, which highlights our country’s rich artistic and literary tradition, was first mounted in 2008. It was curated in tribute to the late Brian Honoré and in celebration of all Carnival characters who utilise speech as a major part of their portrayal. 

Honoré who passed away in 2005, was a librarian and a respected member of the traditional mas fraternity. He is fondly remembered for his annual portrayals of the Midnight Robber.  In his portrayal, Honoré often mixed the character’s traditional ‘robber talk’ with social and political commentary. He also wrote calypso that spoke to the themes he focused on in his speeches as a Midnight Robber. 

In addition to featuring the Midnight Robber, the exhibition showcases the Moko Jumbie, Minstrels, Pierrot Grenade, Baby Doll, Fancy Indian, other carnival mas characters and a sample of print and non-print materials on Carnival available at the Heritage Library. 

For information about the exhibit and other events, visit NALIS’ website at www.nalis.gov.tt or call the Public Relations Department located at the National Library of Trinidad and Tobago on Hart and Abercromby streets, Port of Spain- telephone: 624-4466 ext 2323.