20 December 2002


The Heritage Library Division of the National Library and Information System Authority (NALIS) launched of its “Parang Project” on Monday 23rd December, 2002 at the Heritage Library, 8 Knox Street, Port of Spain, at 10:30 a.m.

The Parang Project was conceptualized out of the desire by NALIS to make a significant intervention into documenting the heritage of Trinidad and Tobago and for this intervention to coincide with the opening of the National Library of Trinidad and Tobago.

It has been recomposed that there is no seminal work on parang. The likes of Rawle Gibbons, head of the Creative Arts Centre, Pearl Entiou Springer, Director Heritage Library, Sylvia Moodie Kublallsingh, Francesa Allard, Natalie Charlerie all got involved to pen its history. The Creche element of parang peculiar to Paramin is being researched and documented. Translation has been done by Mrs. Ganpat of Los Buenos Parranderos.

Angostura Company Limited and the National Lotteries Control Board have donated cash towards the production of the publication. Other corporate bodies are invited to get involved in the project