12 November 2015


In commemoration of Calypso History Month, the Heritage Library mounted the exhibition “Remember the Greats” and held a retro kaiso sing-a-longat the National Library on November 03 to pay tribute to the rich legacy of Calypsonians who have passed away.

Calypso History Month is celebrated throughout the month of October and acknowledges past calypsonians as well as the art form of calypso which is said to have originated during the French settlement in Trinidad. As calypso music progressed it saw the rise of calypso tents, a place where calypsonians perform during the Carnival season.

Calypso has spread throughout the Caribbean and the world over time with legendary names such as the Mighty Sparrow, Lord Kitchener and Calypso Rose crossing international borders. It also introduced other types of music like soca, chutney soca and rapso.

 Staff of the Heritage Library Division sang along to popular calypsos such as Lord Kitchener’s “Gimme the thing” and Roaring Lion’s “Netty”.  The exhibition showcased images of late calypso icons and their profiles such as Ras Shorty I, who was an iconic performer known for combining Indian music into his calypsos. 

NALIS is committed to promoting the heritage of Trinidad and Tobago and wishes to invite the public to view their Calypso collections housed at the Heritage Library Division including the Bill Trotman Collection, music CD and calypso records.