12 January 2015


Iere- Land of the Hummingbird

The NALIS 2015 calendars, “Iere- Land of the Hummingbird” are now available at the National Library. Launched on December 30, the glossy calendar features large, spectacular images of hummingbirds found in Trinidad and Tobago.

All of the 13 photographs, which adorn the calendar, were captured by Theodore Ferguson, owner of Yerette - a bird sanctuary nestled in Maracas, St Joseph and described by TripAdvisor as one of the best places in the world to see hummingbirds.

At the launch, Ferguson said, “Seventeen of the 340 species of hummingbirds can be found in Trinidad and Tobago. The hummingbird is a national symbol; it can be found on our currency, coat of arms and is an insignia of our protective services.”   He further explained, “Hummingbirds are among the smallest birds in the animal kingdom, yet their flying capabilities make up for any deficiency in size.  Each bird beats its wings up to 200 times a second; and it can fly in any direction, including upside-down.

In addition to the images, each page of the calendar provides information about different aspects of this naturally iridescent creature.  January explains why they are called flying jewels and living gems; March offers a nugget on the cultural significance of the birds; April reveals their spiritual connectivity, while July relates the legend of La Brea.  The information provided for each month is indeed edifying

Guests at the launch were treated to extempo by master of ceremonies Black Sage and calypso artiste Contender, a fusion Indian dance by Colin Rampersad and Associate and Parang by the Vincent Rivers Band.

An exhibition showcasing huge images of the hummingbirds used in the calendar is on display at the National Library.

Calendars can be purchased by the public at the National Library at $35.00 each for the registered library member and non-library member $45.00 each.