11 March 2013


Primary school students have been invited to participate in the NALIS bi-annual Tell-a-Tale competition.  Tell-a-Tale, a national storytelling competition geared towards sustaining the art of oral storytelling, will commence with the Preliminaries on April 29 and the Finals will take place on June 14.

Students between the ages 6 – 9 years and 10 – 13 years are expected to create stories from a wide range of topics, with a special prize being awarded for the best original story. Apart from sustaining the art of oral storytelling, this competition promotes literacy and oral skills among young people. It also provides an opportunity for schools to meet some of the requirements of the Visual and Performing Arts component of the Primary Schools’ curriculum.

Teachers from participating schools took part in storytelling seminars conducted at libraries around the country from March 4 to 8. The seminars equipped teachers with the necessary skills to train their students for participation in the competition.

For further information about the competition, persons are invited to contact their nearest public library.