25 June 2012


On their way to Study School at Aberystwyth University, Wales are Scholarship awardees: Michelle Felix-Solomon, Samarah Kadir,  Fayola Welsh , Carol Julien,  Kerri Ramlal, Neesha Beharry, Lindi Jadeosingh. At extreme right is Gail Reyes, Human Resource Specialist IIISeven employees of the National Library and Information System Authority (NALIS) have been awarded online distance learning scholarships to pursue studies in Library and Information Science at the undergraduate level at Aberystwyth University, Wales, commencing in June 2012.

Undergraduate scholarships have been awarded to Neesha Beharry, Carol Julien, Kerri Ramlal, Samarah Kadir, Lindi Jadeosingh, Fayola Welch and Michelle Felix-Solomon. In 2009, 2010 and 2011, ten twelve and eighteen scholarships were awarded, respectively.

Aberystwyth University is considered a prestigious school offering on-line degrees in the area of Library and Information Science.  The scholarships will cover the cost of tuition, books and travel to the University for the Study School once a year. The programme’s duration is three years for undergraduates.

The granting of the scholarships is part of NALIS’ thrust to deliver professional information service to every citizen of Trinidad and Tobago. The library and information professional is the leader in the information movement and is a key component in the information-seeking/information-providing chain.