02 March 2001


Joan Osborne, Training Officer of the National Library and Information System Authority (NALIS) has been selected, along with 12 other persons worldwide, to represent their countries at the Commonwealth Foundation from March 05 – 24. The programme will take the Fellows to England and Uganda.

Osborne is a trained librarian with over 20 years experience in education and librarianship and previously supervised the library information programmes in several areas in the country. Her achievements include the initiation and management of community outreach programmes; career education seminars; environmental and small business competitions for young, and a storytelling programme for pre-school children. Mrs. Osborne’s qualifications include a BA (hons.) degree in History and Sociology and a diploma in Library Studies from the University of the West Indies. She is presently a candidate for an MA History, at the University of the West Indies. Joan participates actively in the work of several professional committees and has attended many regional and international conferences. She is a talented actress and in 1985, was awarded the Drama Association award. Her nomination for the Fellowship was by the Commonwealth Secretary-General.

The Fellowship is awarded to persons who have a strong interest in, and commitment to internationalism generally, and in promotion of the Commonwealth specifically. The Fellowship is geared to persons between the ages 30 – 50, who are outstanding individuals in their field of work and are interested in areas of work outside their own specialty; have good interpersonal skills and an interest in different cultures; and are willing to make optimum use of the opportunity provided by the Fellowship by playing an active role in promoting the Commonwealth in their country.

Each year, persons are chosen and funded by the Commonwealth Foundation to participate in a three-week programme of learning activities in the United Kingdom and one other Commonwealth country. The programme is designed to enable the Fellows to learn about the Commonwealth and how to promote it after they return home. During the programme, participants will carry out a research project which addresses a specific subject of interest.

Joan will present the gathering with souvenirs/photos of Trinidad and Tobago during the cultural exchange as well as deliver a paper on professional development community in Trinidad and Tobago.

The other Fellowship awardees are from Australia, Jamaica, India, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Kenya, Nigeria, Bahamas, Mauritius and Singapore.