07 October 2011


The sod turning ceremony to mark the construction of the new Nalis Mayaro Public Library was held on September 27. Construction will begin in October 2011 and is expected to be completed in 32 weeks.

Winston Peters, Minister of the Arts and Multiculturalism and parliamentary representative for Mayaro said, “This Mayaro library project must be seen as a vehicle to drive the creative and intellectual capacity and resourcefulness of our youth.” He added that, “This facility when constructed has the potential for not only building and educated and literate community and workforce, but also to shape new and enlightened mindsets.”

The new library, to be situated at the Guayaguayare Road, will be a two storey building with a floor space of approximately 13,564 square feet. There will be adult and children areas, separate storytelling and workshop sections, a conference room and adequate space for administrative staff. Services will be made available to the differently-abled in the society. In addition, there will be parking spaces for 25 vehicles and a layby will be constructed to facilitate maxi taxis and buses for ease of access to commuters and users of the library.

Patrons in Mayaro and environs are reminded that they can continue to access library and information services at the library’s present location, Mayaro Community Centre, Plaisance Road until the new library is completed. The Minister said that the present location of the library will be eventually preserved as a heritage site.

This is the third sod turning ceremony for the building of new libraries in approximately five weeks. Construction of the Rio Claro and new Chaguanas Public Libraries began in September after sod turning ceremonies on August 23 and 24 respectively.