16 September 2011


The honourable Winston Peters, Minister of Arts and Multiculturalism recently turned the sod to mark the start of construction of new libraries at Rio Claro and Chaguanas. These libraries are expected to be completed in six and 18 months respectively.

The NALIS Rio Claro Public Library at De Verteuil Street will be a two storey building with a floor area of approximately 5,464 square feet. The new NALIS Chaguanas Public Library, to be situated at Railway Road and Laing Street, will be a custom built library second only to the state of the art National Library in Port of Spain. It will be a two storey structure with a floor area of 40,537 square feet. Both libraries will provide adult, young adult and children’s areas, separate storytelling and workshop areas and office space and a lounge for staff. Patrons will be provided with 12 parking spaces at the Rio Claro Public Library and 25 at the Chaguanas Public Library. The Chaguanas facility will also provide an audio visual room for community activities.

Patrons in Chaguanas and environs are reminded that, in the meantime, library and information services can be accessed through the Chaguanas Public Library currently located at Centre Pointe Mall.

Minister Peters said, “Libraries level the playing field by making access to information resources and technology available to all regardless of income, class and background. Libraries also build communities, improve technology skills by providing free access to computers and the internet; preserve the past, and are repositories of culture, community history and oral narratives.” He added, “Libraries assist in improving problem solving skills, scientific inquiry, media literacy, productivity, leadership skills and accommodate civic engagement.”

In keeping with the government’s thrust to modernise library services, the National Library and Information System Authority continues to work towards providing quality library and information facilities and services to the people of Trinidad and Tobago.