13 July 2010


The National Library Quiz is a bi-annual initiative of the National Library and Information System Authority (NALIS) towards the post Secondary Entrance Assessment (SEA) students. The objectives of this outreach programme are to introduce post SEA students to the Library and its many services, as well as, to nurture their reading habits.

All Primary Schools in Trinidad were invited to participate with 66 entering the event. Sixteen (16) schools qualified in the preliminary round to compete in the zonal round held on 18th and 20th May at the National Library Building, POS, Arima Public Library and Carnegie Free Library. Three schools qualified to enter the final round of the competition which was held on June 18, 2010 at the National Library Building.

In commencing the final round of the competition, executive director of NALIS Mrs. Annette Wallace said the quiz was a means of providing meaningful activity to post SEA students awaiting results and to raise the awareness of libraries. Mrs.Wallace added the event would help participants of the programme become more sophisticated library users.

In making reference to a study on reading and technology Mrs. Wallace also urged parents and teachers to show they value reading as research indicated printed books are still favoured despite the many distractions of modern technology.

The competition lasted over two hours with students of each school being asked two rounds of questioning. The questions were based on nine books each student had to read. In addition, each school faced a team question based on general knowledge at the end of each round.

At the end of intense questioning it was San Fernando TML School who emerged winners with 220 points. Bishops Anstey Junior School placed second with 150 while Santa Rosa Government Primary placed third.

For their endeavours students won Apple Nano iPods, Jansport backpacks, gift vouchers to purchase books and a challenge trophy for their school. This was the second time San Fernando TML won the National Library Quiz, having won the title in 2008.