05 June 2008


Sun, Moon and Stars is an exhibition that will be held at the National Library of Trinidad and Tobago, Hart and Abercromby Streets, Port of Spain from June 5, World Environment Day. Although designed mainly for children, the exhibition will interest all ages, as it seeks to bring awareness to our fragile environment, and to teach patrons the possibilities of re-using the Earth’s dwindling resources to make interesting objects. The exhibition also fits into the preservation message of reduce, reuse, recycle, repair which is promoted by many environmentalists.

Conceived and organized by cultural programmer and producer Sonja Dumas, Sun, Moon and Stars highlights the work of several practicing artists and designers who were asked to take used or discarded items and make them into a sculpture of a sun, a moon or a star. All the sculptures are designed to hang from the grid that is currently suspended in the atrium at NALIS so that patrons will gaze upwards towards the suns, moons and stars that the artists have created. The grid itself is being reused as it is a vestige of a previous NALIS exhibition.

Participating visual artists and designers include Parker Nicholas, Michelle Isava, Byron Joseph, Neil Brathwaite and Paul Kain. The exhibition is scheduled to run until June 26.