20 December 2007


A collection of Calypsos – West Indian Rhythm – a CD box set of 10 CDs with a 316 page hard cover book on Trinidad calypsos was presented to NALIS. West Indian Rhythm, produced by Bear Family Records, Germany, features censored recordings during the period 1938 – 1940 on world and local events, sang by various calypso artistes.

At the presentation, Annette Wallace, executive director, NALIS said she welcomed the collection and lauded the work involved in documenting the calypsos of the period. Dr. Winer, one of the researchers on the project who presented the collection, said it took three years for the project to be completed.

The 10 CDs incorporate virtually all the recordings made by Decca in Trinidad which include 267 performances. The book presents full transcriptions of lyrics. It also features essays with particulars of song topics, exploration of the relationship of calypso to Carnival, biographies of the performers, contextual discussion of the repertoire (including a full discography) and over 700 illustrations.

The collection can be purchased locally through Lexicon Trinidad Limited and Paper Based at Normandie