10 July 2006


In an effort to upgrade the services offered to its users, NALIS will relocate its St. James Public Library presently at the corner of Bournes Road and Western Main Road to a more modern, spacious facility situated at 31 Church Street, St. James. Service to the public will begin from Friday 4 August 2006, 8:30 a.m. Service at the Western Main Road location will discontinue after July 21, 2006.

The St. James Public Library will offer free Internet access, children’s and adult fiction and non-fiction books, reader’s advisory services, reference services, photocopying and printing services, ALTA classes and a host of other services and outreach activities.

The new St. James Public Library services will be fully automated employing the same system (Library Solutions system) now used at the National Library. Registered members of the National Library Building (NLB) can access material at the St. James Public Library using their NLB registration cards.

Adults wishing to register for the first time must have a valid identification (with photo) and proof of address. Young children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who will sign their registration forms. The child’s birth certificate or passport, the parent’s or guardian’s valid ID and proof of address are needed to complete registration. Young adults wishing to join must provide a valid ID (with photo), proof of address and have parent’s or guardian sign the St. James Public Library Registration Form.

Upon registration, members will obtain a library registration card (with user’s photo), which will facilitate Internet access, photocopying and printing. Current users’ data will be upgraded to the automated system.