27 July 2005


For Emancipation 2005, NALIS has mounted two exhibitions at the National Library of Trinidad and Tobago, one in the atrium and the other at the Heritage Library, second floor.

“The Splendour of our African Heritage” (located in the atrium) was officially opened to the public on July 27 and will run until August 11, 2005. This presentation features authentic and indigenous: craftsmanship, artwork, ceremonial masks, tribal artifacts, vessels, ornaments, religious icons, tapestry, and musical instruments from various regions of the African continent - amidst a backdrop of vibrant African prints. There are ceremonial drums, Masai warrior figures, rich mud-cloth tapestries that narrate vivid tales, as well as skillfully crafted ornaments with intricate symbolic designs. Ancient Egypt; renowned as one of the world’s greatest civilizations and notable reference points for scholarly curiosity and research, is also given it’s space of representation - with splendid miniature regal figures such as: Queen Nefertiti; adding to the diversity locked into this vast and dynamic continent. There is symbolism to be comprehended from each piece being displayed, revealing different facets of our African heritage.

The other exhibition at the Heritage Library features historical literature - (monographs), photographic depictions on themes such as: The Greatness of Africa, Scenes of Slavery, Traditional African names (with their meanings), Major African Contributions, Emancipation inspired poetry and Distinguished Afro-Trinbagonians. Actual Slave Deed and other related documents, the Emancipation Proclamation and maps outlining the slave trade route are on and a food basket replica (rations given to slaves) are on display.

All are welcome to visit the display and take part in this educational journey through history, as our nation celebrates 167 years of Emancipation.