Welcome to the National Library and Information System Authority (NALIS) Libraries.

The Board and Management of NALIS are happy to have you utilize the various services offered by the NALIS network of libraries for your convenience and advantage.

NALIS is committed to intellectual freedom and to freedom of access to information. To this end, NALIS is responsible for establishing rules of conduct to protect the rights and safety of staff, patrons, and visitors and for preserving and protecting the libraries’ material, equipment, facilities and grounds.

Patrons are reminded that library materials are for everyone’s enjoyment.
Writing and attending programmes and meetings. NALIS provides a smoke free environment.

NALIS has established these rules of conduct to ensure the above. Enforcement of these rules will be conducted in a fair and reasonable manner. Senior Library staff, security personnel and/or the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service will intervene to stop all prohibited activities and behaviour on the compound.

Failure to comply with the libraries’ established rules, regulations and policies could result in your removal from the premises and being debarred for a stipulated time in arrest or prosecution.

Violations could result in the restriction and/or termination of library privileges, including use of the computers and other equipment.

For the safety and comfort of staff, patrons, visitors and users of the facilities, as well as protection of property belonging to the libraries, the following actions and conduct are prohibited:

  • Smoking, chewing of gum and consumption of food and/or beverages. (Users will not be allowed to enter the library with food and/or beverages including bottled water.)
  • Loitering
  • Possession of weapons
  • The use of mobile phones in the library. (Please make and take calls outside the library.)
  • Loud abusive, aggressive, threatening or obscene language and/or behaviour
  • Misuse of Internet facilities as well as viewing obscene and pornographic sites
  • Tampering with or altering, editing, or damage of computer hardware and/or software
  • Soliciting, petitioning or vending
  • Animals, except in the case of a lead dog for the differently able
  • Prolonged Sleeping
  • Damage to and/or loss of materials and failure to return materials on time. (This will incur charges.)
  • The unauthorized removal of library items without permission. (If this occurs, it will be deemed as theft.)
  • Littering
  • Misuse of bathroom or other facilities
  • Moving library furniture around


  • Persons are not to enter the library barefoot, bareback, with offensive body odour or poor personal hygiene
  • Books and other property are to be kept in good condition
  • Penalties will be imposed for the willful destruction or defacing of library property
  • Persons are not to engage in sexually explicit acts of intimacy on the premises
  • NALIS reserves the right to search bags, briefcases etc.
  • Personal property must be safeguarded. NALIS will not be held liable for the loss of personal property.


  • All patrons must have a library card (where applicable) to photocopy materials
  • Before photocopying any item patrons are required to consult staff at the main information desk
  • Persons who may wish to use cameras to copy documents are required to seek permission from staff at the information desk


  • Patrons who wish to use the computer facilities must make a reservation at the information desk
  • Not more than two persons are allowed at a given computer when using the Heritage Library. At other libraries, only one person is allowed per computer. However, children using computers may have assistance from an adult or member of staff
  • Files must ONLY be saved on diskettes, CD’s or flash drives


In fulfillment of our mission to “deliver equitable access to information in all formats…to support the developmental and recreational needs of Trinidad and Tobago”, the National Library & Information System Authority (NALIS) offers public access to the Internet through the provision of computers and Internet services available at all libraries.

1. Access to Internet Services

Use of the computer facilities is on a walk-in ‘first-come first-served’ basis. Reservations can be made with the assistance of staff or at the self-service ‘First Available Sign-Up’ stations.
Patrons must possess a valid library membership card, issued in their name, along with suitable identification where necessary. Patrons may not lend their cards, sell their time, or otherwise transfer their daily Internet time/usage privileges to any other user.
Visitors to the library who do not possess a membership card can access the Internet and other computer services by obtaining a ‘Day Pass’ for which there is a small fee.
There is a daily time limit for computer use and patrons must abide by the time limits associated with one card/pass. Staff may use their discretion based on the demand for use at the time and may allow longer periods of use if the computers are free.
Wireless access to the Internet for patrons with their own laptops or PDAs is available at the National Library of Trinidad and Tobago and other selected public libraries.

2. Internet Services for Children

Access to computers and Internet services in the children’s sections or libraries is restricted to children 12 years and under. It is strongly recommended that parents supervise their child’s Internet sessions. Parents should advise their children of safety and security issues when using the Internet, and warn them against the disclosure of personal information when using electronic mail, chat rooms and other forms of direct electronic communications.
While the Library staff will monitor the display on the screens in the children's library, parents or guardians are responsible for the Internet information selected and/or accessed by their children.

3. Internet Resources

Although the Internet provides access to an unlimited range of information, it is acknowledged that it may contain materials which are out-of-date, illegal, inappropriate or offensive to individuals. NALIS cannot guarantee the accuracy, authority or timeliness of any information found on the Internet. Neither can NALIS assume responsibility for any damages, direct or indirect, arising from its connections to the Internet.
Staff members have been trained in the evaluation of Internet sources and can assist in determining reliable sources of information efficiently. Additionally, easy links to selected sites which we believe are authoritative and reliable are provided via the NALIS website. Links to government services and access to several online resources including EBSCO, OCLC and Thomson Gale research databases are also available. In some cases, access is only available in the library.
Access to social networking websites such as MySpace, Facebook and YouTube, is permitted for limited periods. Internet gaming is allowed only as long as activity is not considered to be violent, pornographic, illegal or disruptive to other library users.

4. Filtering

Filtering software is used to block certain categories of sites for the protection of the network and in an effort to prevent access to illegitimate sites. However, it must be noted that the filtering software, while blocking access to questionable sites, might also block access to legitimate or useful ones.

5. User Responsibilities

All patrons are expected to use this library resource in a responsible manner, consistent with the purposes for which it is provided. NALIS recognizes the privacy of the library user and does not monitor the information or sites accessed by clients. However, patrons are expected to respect the privacy and sensibilities of other users.

Consequently, the use of the library’s computers to access material that is sexually explicit or violent is prohibited. This includes material that is pornographic, obscene or illegal, whether received through email or as a result of visits to adult sites. NALIS reserves the right to determine what is pornographic or otherwise indecent and unacceptable behavior.

Patrons must not use the library’s computers to gain access to restricted files or data belonging to others, perform any illegal activity, damage equipment or alter the set up of computers used to access the Internet.

In order to maintain the integrity of the computer system, patrons accessing the Internet must not save or download information or files to the computers’ hard drives. Any unauthorized information found saved on the hard drives of public computers will be deleted. Work may only be saved to removable devices such as floppies, CDs or memory sticks where access to these is available. These media are not available for sale at the library therefore, patrons must provide their own.

Printing is available at a charge, which is subject to change periodically. It is the responsibility of the user to respect copyright laws and licensing agreements, and to assume responsibility for payment for any fee-based service.

Patrons using computer services including the Internet are expected to abide by NALIS’ Rules of Conduct. Refusal to adhere to the guidelines here outlined or the direction of the Librarian will result in the termination of Internet or computer sessions and or suspension of the user’s library privileges.



Consistent with NALIS’ objective to provide increased access to information, free wireless Internet service is offered at several locations for library patrons to use with their own personal laptops, notebooks and other mobile devices. This policy is intended to guide users as to the proper use of this service. Library users may also be able to access other wireless networks within the Library that are not provided by NALIS. Use of these non-NALIS wireless networks within the Library's facilities is also governed by NALIS’ policies. The use of NALIS’ wireless Internet service is also governed by NALIS’ Internet Use Policy for the Public.

NALIS Wireless Network (NWN)

  • The NALIS Wireless Network (NWN) is an open (unsecured) wireless network, and may be less secure than a wired connection. NALIS does not hold itself liable for damage to users’ computers (including loss of data) due to viruses and other malware.
  • NWN users may not have access to certain applications through the wireless network, including FTP (file transfer protocol) and file sharing applications.
  • NALIS does not guarantee that all devices will be compatible with the NWN service.
  • NALIS reserves the right to limit the bandwidth available on a per connection basis on the wireless network, as necessary, to ensure network reliability and fair sharing of network resources for all users of the NWN.
  • Filtering software is used to block certain categories of sites for the protection of the NWN and in an effort to prevent access to illegitimate sites. However, it must be noted that the filtering software, while blocking access to questionable sites, might also block access to legitimate or useful ones.
  • Library staff can provide general information for connecting devices to the NWN, but cannot troubleshoot problems related to wireless devices or assist in making changes to network settings and or hardware configuration.
  • Wireless network users will not be able to use the Library’s printers to print documents. Printing is typically available by connecting to one of the Library’s public use computers.
  • Use of the NALIS wireless Internet service is entirely at the risk of the user. NALIS disclaims all liability for loss of confidential information or damages to software or hardware resulting from connection to the NWN.

User Responsibilities

  • NALIS’ libraries are public spaces which are shared by patrons of all ages, ethnicities and social backgrounds. All patrons are asked to show due consideration and respect for their fellow users when accessing material from the Internet.
  • All users are expected to use the library's wireless Internet service in a responsible manner, consistent with the educational and informational purposes for which it is provided.
  • Patrons are expected to respect intellectual property rights by refraining from making unauthorized copies of pictures, software, music or other content on the Internet.
  • It is expected that patrons take appropriate precautions when using this service as the NALIS Wireless Network is an open (unsecured) connection. Users are cautioned that any information being transmitted could potentially be intercepted by another wireless user. As such, users should exercise caution when transmitting personal information (credit card numbers, passwords and any other sensitive information) while using this or any wireless "hot spot".
  • All wireless access users are advised to have up-to-date virus protection on their laptop computers or wireless devices. NALIS will not be responsible for any information (eg. credit card data) that is compromised, or for any damage caused to software due tomalware,viruses or hacking.
  • Users are responsible for the physical security of their personal equipment. NALIS assumes no responsibility for the safety or security of patrons’ personal laptops and other mobile devices.

Breach of Policy

  • It is a breach of this policy to use the NALIS Wireless Network (NWN) to transmit or receive offensive, obscene or illegal material.
  • Any attempt to break into or gain unauthorized access to any other computer systems connected to the NWN is a breach of this policy. In addition, the use of data packet collection applications is considered both a violation of privacy and a theft of user data, and is strongly prohibited.
  • Users are prohibited from modifying or extending the NWN in any way. This includes but is not limited to the addition of access points, bridges, switches, hubs or repeaters. Tampering with networking equipment is forbidden.
  • Refusal to adhere to the guidelines herein outlined or the direction of the Librarian may result in denial of access to the NWN service, termination of computer sessions or suspension of the user’s library privileges.