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Pursuant to Section 34 (1) of the NALIS Act, Chapter 40:01, the NALIS Regulations were made by the Honourable Prime Minister on May 6 th 2021. The Regulations address matters relating, inter alia, to:

(a) regulating, restricting or prohibiting the entry of persons; regulating the conduct of persons and providing for the removal of persons from NALIS premises;

(b) fixing of fees and charges for entry to NALIS premises and for the use of services and material;

(c) regulating the access and other matters for, or in relation to the examination, transfer, disposal, use or other dealings in respect of library material, including the restricting or prohibiting of the making, using, printing, publishing, exhibiting, selling or offering for sale, replicas, photographs, representation of copies of library material in the ownership or possession of NALIS;

(d) establishing and maintaining registers, catalogues and bibliographies, for or in relation to the use of library material; and

(e) prescribing penalties for offences against the regulations.

NALIS Regulations - Legal Notice No. 147 of 2021