CURRENT BOARD MEMBERS (June 17, 2019 - June 5, 2022)


  • Mr. Neil Parsanlal

    Mr. Neil Parsanlal, a past elected Member for Lopinot/Bon Air West and Minister of Information (2007-2010) is a former teacher, reporter and newspaper editor, both in Trinidad and Jamaica. He served as Head of Communications at the Ministry of Education, the South West Regional Health Authority, and the Environmental Management Authority.

    Mr. Parsanlal has undergraduate qualifications in both Theology and Mass Communications from The University of the West Indies as well as post-graduate certification in Integrated Marketing Communications from the New York University, New York. He is also certified in Alternative Dispute Resolution, Training Trainers and Project Management.

    He then went on to become the Group Communications Manager at Neal & Massy Holdings, after which he moved into the post of Manager, Human Resources and Communications at ANSA Merchant Bank and TATIL.

    He also served as a Member of the Board of Directors at BWIA West Indies Airways from 2004, and the Telecommunications Services of Trinidad and Tobago (TSTT) from December 2005. The Chairman has also extensive experience managing Cooperate Resources having served as both Director and consultant at Personnel Management Services Ltd and Trinity Exploration.

    Mr. Parsanlal is a lay Catholic Minister, is married and a father of two.

  • Mrs. Charleen Phillip

    Mrs Philip is a retired Deputy Chairman in the Public Service having served at various levels for over forty (40) years.

    Having worked her way from a clerical officer in the Ministry of National Security Mrs Phillip later moved on to become a Director, Human Resources in the said Ministry, then moving on to become the Deputy Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health. She held this position from April 2014 to July 2016.

    Mrs Phillip gained academic distinction having attained a MSC in Social Phycology with a focus on Social Deviance. She augmented this degree with certificates in Public Administration and Public Procurement from the University of the West Indies.

  • Ms. Cathyan Townsend

    This Information Technology Specialist has spent the last thirty plus years moving up the ranks of Public Service entering as a Lab Technician to currently holding the portfolio of Database Administrator in the Ministry of National Security.

    Ms Townsend continues to challenge herself in her chosen fiend of IT having attained numerous certificates in Project Management as well as a BSc in Computer Information Systems. She broadens her expertise by certifying herself in Emergency Response Management, Fire and First Aid Response to add to her MSc in Occupational Health and Safety.

    Ms Townsend prides herself as an in depth researcher who is also an avid problem solver.

  • Ms. Elmelinda Lara

    This holder of an MSc in Library and Information Studies has devoted most of her professional life to the development of libraries as a social resource. Her versatility in this area is reflected by the different libraries in which she has served. From the Ministry of Education to the Central Library Unit of Trinidad and Tobago, Ms Lara is now a senior Librarian at the University of the West Indies., St. Augustine Campus.

    Included in her over thirty years of service to libraries, Ms Lara is a former President of The Library Association of Trinidad and Tobago (LATT), is a member of the Association of Caribbean University, Research and Institutional Libraries; Seminar on the Acquisition of Latin American Library Materials (SALALM); International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions among other Library and research bodies.

  • Mr. Jefferson Guy

    This professional is a multiple university graduate having earned degrees from The University of the West Indies (UWI), Queen Mary University of London and the University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT).

    A specialist in the Health Sector, Mr Guy has chosen to commit his service in Tobago and is currently a Manager/ Biomedical Engineering attached to the Tobago Regional Health Authority.

    Mr Guy not only has specialises in the field of physics but has also extended his learning to technology specific to the Medical Field. This has allowed him to become involved in educational endeavours and youth mentoring whenever he is called on to serve.

  • Mr.Karel Douglas

    This legal expert’s talents is not only found in the courtroom but in a myriad of other fields. Mr Douglas, while being a graduate of Law as well as holding a Masters LLM in the Telecommunications field, can also boast of achievements in athletics as well as culture.

    While serving as a legal adviser and specialist at the Telecommunications Authority he placed first in their calypso competition while simultaneously competing in the New York Marathon as well as the CLICO Marathon in Trinidad.

    Inclusive of all of these pursuits, Mr Douglas finds time to mentor young socially vulnerable men and has served as a member of LIFELINE and other organisations that treat the depressed and suicidal. As of 2002 to present he serves as a Senior State Council in the Office of the Attorney General.

  • Dr. Pandita Indrani Rampersad

    Indrani Rampersad is the first female Pandita in Trinidad and Tobago and was honoured as the Chief Guest at the Divali Celebrations at the Nagar in 2015. Her impressive academic background is only equalled by her ardent involvement in the development of culture in Trinidad and Tobago. Pandita Indrani has served as a teacher at both primary and secondary levels both locally and in America.

    In addition to attaining degrees in Geography and English as well as a Doctorate in Mass Communications, Pandita Indrani also became a licensed marriage officer (Hindu) in order to conduct weddings legally. Her involvement in culture has led to her being awarded the Humming Bird Medal (Gold). She is an advocate for the development of all cultures with a focus on African and Indian indigenous cultures.

  • Dr. Rita Pemberton

    Dr Rita Pemberton, former lecturer in the Department of History at the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, was appointed to the Board of NALIS. She received her Instrument of Appointment from Senator the Honourable Donna Cox, Minister of Communications on March 17, 2020. “Dr Pemberton is the winner of multiple awards, inclusive of the Queen’s Jubilee Research Scholar Award in 2013. She was a former member of the Board of TTT and Head of the Department and Member of the Management Committee at Arima Comprehensive School. Dr Pemberton has a depth of experience in education at both the secondary and tertiary levels.” Dr Pemberton replaced Mrs Lynette Tyson Noel who resigned from the Board of NALIS, effective December 31, 2019.

  • Ms. Paula Greene

    Paula E. Greene is a consummate information professional who believes that information packaged and managed tastefully can change the course of a person’s life. Ms Greene has worked in the public library and special library environments for approximately 16 years and has had hands-on experience in information systems management and web development at the Information Networks Division of NALIS for another 16 years. She also has a passion and special interest in Trinidad and Tobago’s documentary heritage and literature. Ms Greene has successfully led of number of organisational-wide teams towards the review and re-engineering of library services and has presented at Caribbean and international conferences on topics pertaining to digital libraries. As Deputy Executive Director (Ag.) and now as Executive Director (Ag). Ms. Greene has been at the forefront of the management of library services at the National Library and Information Authority, the Corporate Body responsible for the administration and co-ordination of library and information services in Trinidad and Tobago. She holds a Masters of Library and Information Science from San Jose State University, California; a Bachelor of Science, Information management and Technology (Summa Cum Laude) from Syracuse University, New York; a Post Graduate Certificate in Leadership Focused, Engaging Potential Successors from the Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business, University of the West Indies, and a Certificate in Local E-Governance in the Caribbean from the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill, Barbados.



Members of Board of NALIS

Front row, seated from left: Dr. Pandita Indrani Rampersad; Mr Neil Parsanlal, Chairman; Ms Charleen Phillip, Deputy Chairman; Ms Paula Greene, Ex Officio Member and ED (Ag.), NALIS

Back Row, standing, from left: Mr Karel Douglas; Ms Elemlinda Lara; Ms Cathyan Townsend and Dr Rita Pemberton. Missing from the photo: Mr Jefferson Guy


  • BOARD MEMBERS JUNE 17, 2019 - JUNE 5, 2022
  • BOARD MEMBERS MAY 15, 2014 - FEBRUARY 29, 2016
  • BOARD MEMBERS AUGUST 12, 2011 - AUGUST 11, 2013
  • BOARD MEMBERS JULY 29, 2008 - JULY 28, 2011

BOARD MEMBERS JUNE 17, 2019 - JUNE 5, 2022

Mr. Neil Parsanlal - Chairman
Ms. Charleen Phillip - Deputy Chairman
Ms. Elmelinda Lara - Director
Ms. Cathyan Townsend - Director
Mr. Jefferson Guy - Director
Mr. Karel Douglas - Director
Pandita Dr. Indrani Rampersad - Director
Dr. Rita Pemberton - Director
MsPaula Greene - Executive Director (Ag.) and Ex-Officio Member



Mr. Neil Parsanlal - Chairman
Ms. Charleen Phillip - Deputy Chairman
Ms. Elmelinda Lara - Director
Ms. Cathyan Townsend - Director
Mr. Jefferson Guy - Director
Mr. Karel Douglas - Director
MsLynette Tyson-Noel - Director
Pandita Dr. Indrani Rampersad - Director
MsCatherine Romain - Executive Director and Ex-Officio Member



BOARD MEMBERS MAY 15, 2014 - FEBRUARY 29, 2016

Ms. Savi Ramhit - Deputy Chairman
Dr.Prahalad Sooknanan - Director
Ms. Raquel Nalini Suratsingh - Director
Ms. lnadai Ramjass - Director
Ms. Elmelinda Lara - Director
Mr.Girdharry Seerattansingh - Director
Ms.Dara Anyika - Director



Ms. Cheryl-Ann Ramsubeik - Chairman
Ms. Jennifer Joseph - Deputy Chairman
Campus Librarian, University of the West Indies, St. Augustine
Dr. Kumar Mahabir
Assistant Professor, School for Studies in Cognition Learning and Education, University of Trinidad and Tobago
Ms. Akilah Paul
Attorney at Law
Ms. Lisa Indar-Harrinauth
Programme Manager, Foodborne Disease Prevention and Control, Caribbean Epidemiology Centre
Ms. Raquel Nalini Suratsingh
Chartered Accountant and Management Consultant
Ms. Tricia O'Neil
Human Resource Management
Mr. Girdharry Seerattansingh
Life Skills Facilitator, Multi-sector Skill Training Programme, Ministry of Science,Technology and Tertiary Education


BOARD MEMBERS JULY 29, 2008 - JULY 28, 2011


Mr. Ulric Warner - Chairman
Vice President, Human Resources, Atlantic LNG

Cheryl_Greaves1 Mrs. Cheryl Greaves - Deputy Chairman
Annette_Wallace1 Mrs. Annette Wallace - Ex-officio member
Executive Director, NALIS
Karen_Anne_Joseph1 Ms. Karen Anne Joseph
Unit Leader, Environment Unit, CARIRI
Zaida_Rajnauth2 Mrs. Zaida Rajnauth
Retired Permanent Secretary, Head of the Public Service
Jeanne_Roseman2 Ms. Jeanne Roseman
Retired Director of Personnel Administration
George_Gobin1 Mr. George Gobin
General Manager, Microsoft Bermuda & West Indies
image_placeholder1 Ms. Jennifer Joseph
Campus Librarian, University of the West Indies, St. Augustine
Stephen_Bereaux1 Mr. Stephen Bereaux
Legal Advisor, Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad and Tobago


The NALIS ACT Chap 40:01 SCHEDULE Section 9(2) outlines the Constitution and Procedures of the Board of NALIS

1. (1) The Board shall consist of—

(a) eight members appointed by the President; and

(b) the Executive Director who is an ex officio member.

(2) The members appointed by the President shall be from amongst persons who have special qualifications in, and practical experience of, matters relating to one or more of the following disciplines:

(a) library services (to be nominated by the Library Association of Trinidad and Tobago);

(b) information technology;

(c) education;

(d) law;

(e) science and technology;

(f) A corporate business;

(g) financial management;

(h) human resource management;

(i) culture;

(j) public administration or any other area of endeavour which the President considers will advance the interests of NALIS, with no such area of discipline being represented by more than two persons.