Celebrating 1st Time Authors is NALIS’s attempt to applaud the hard work
    of first time authors, to encourage new writers to enter the publishing arena,
    and to raise public awareness of the issues involved in the protection of
    intellectual property as well as the enforcement of copyright.




World Book and Copyright Day is celebrated each year on the 23rd of April. This celebration, promoted by UNESCO, aims to promote reading, publishing and the protection of intellectual property through copyright.

By paying world-wide tribute to books and authors on this date, UNESCO hopes to encourage everyone, particularly young people, to discover the pleasure of reading and to gain a renewed respect for the irreplaceable contributions of those who have furthered the social and cultural progress of humanity.

The celebration of World Book and Copyright Day connects directly to the goal of the Heritage Library, which is to preserve and promote the culture of Trinidad and Tobago. Celebrating 1st Time Authors is NALIS’s attempt to applaud the hard work of first time authors, to encourage new writers to enter the publishing arena, and to raise public awareness of the issues involved in the protection of intellectual property as well as the enforcement of copyright.

In order to be eligible for consideration and recognition as a 1st Time Author please note the following:
1. The author must be of Trinidad and Tobago nationality or descent.
2. The book must be the first published book by the author.
3. The book should have been published during the period 1st January to the 31st December of the given year. For example, submissions for 2018 1st Time Authors will be 1st January 2017 - December 31st 2017.

Once an author fulfills the above requirements and wishes to be recognized as a first time author the following form can be downloaded and completed.

Download the 1st Time Authors Registration Form


  • First Time Authors 2016
  • First Time Authors 2015
  • First Time Authors 2014
  • First Time Authors 2013
  • First Time Authors 2012
  • First Time Authors 2011
  • First Time Authors 2010


In observance of World Book and Copyright Day 2016 NALIS, through the Heritage Library Division presented thirty seven (37) 1st Time Authors for the period January 1st 2016 to December 31st 2016 with appreciation tokens at an official programme held in the Audio Visual Room, National Library Building on the 26th April, 2016. This year the 1st Time Author Appreciation, was sponsored in part by the ANSA McAL Group of Companies. In addition, an exhibition was mounted to showcase these authors and their publications.

NALIS’ First Time Authors Appreciation Programme is designed to encourage writers and to raise public awareness of the issues involved in the protection of intellectual property as well as the enforcement of copyright. The First Time Authors for 2016 were:

Agnes Abdool & Krystle Abdool Nicholas Khan
Danielle A. Adams Kimberley Nadine Knights
Arima North Secondary School Therese Mills & Suzanne Mills
Imo Rameses Bakari Zakiya Mills-Francois
Jhaye-Q Baptiste & Soul Stacy Murray, Dr.
Donna Veronica D'Abreau Mellany Paynter
Sherlene Dalrymple Susan Phillip
Sheetal Daswani Ferne Louanne Regis, Dr.
Kathleen Delfish-Prince Ty Richards
Tevin Dube' Kenrick Q. Richardson
Summer Edwards-Williams Keith Rowley, Dr.
Aliyyah Eniath Sam Saroop
Anastasia Felix-Moore Jeromy Thomas
Jamile Frederick The Tobago Writers Guild
John Sebastian Gaskin Andre Labeijoba Wallace
Gwenolyn Ruth Greaves Glenn Wilkes
Jason Anthony Henry  
June Patricia Huggins  
Brigette Hyacinth  
Chandra J  
Renae Joslyn  


In observance of World Book and Copyright Day 2015 NALIS’ Heritage Library Division mounted an exhibition acknowledging thirty –five (35) 1st Time Authors for the calendar year April 2014 to March 2015. 

This exhibition marked the sixth observance and celebrated persons who have been published for the first time during the period.

NALIS’ First Time Authors Appreciation Programme is designed to encourage writers to have their works published and to raise public awareness of the issues involved in the protection of intellectual property as well as the enforcement of copyright. The First Time Authors for 2015 were:

Alkins, Jeunanne Joseph, Phyllis
Achoy, Grace King, Anthony 
Ali - Motilal, Shaleeza La Borde, Karen
Antoine, Ancil  Leid, Josanne
Armstrong, Maurissa Mitchelle, Marva
Asgarali, Caron  Outar-Sirjoo, Geeta
Bhagwandeen, Angela Peters-Charles, Serria
Bowlah, Vashti Prudhomme, Ayana
Buxo, Kamella Rajkumar, Britta
Cape, Roy Ramsingh Valley, Sandra Dr.
Chicsholm, Joan Salazar, Vanessa
Cotton, Jason Joseph Samaroo, Selwyn
Deen, Badru Singh, Rohini
Garcia, Gregory Torres, Bernadine
Garcia, Rhonda S.A.  Wajadally, Amerone
Hosein-Mohammed,Sherina Williams, Margaret
Jack - Van - Hanegin, Margaret Wickham, Lisa
John, Ayana   


NALIS’ fifth annual First Time Authors Appreciation Programme was held on May 15, 2014 at the Amphitheatre, National Library Building , Port of Spain.

This programme celebrated and recognised persons who have been published for the first time during the period April 2013 to March 2014.

NALIS’ First Time Authors Appreciation Programme is designed to encourage writers to have their works published and to raise public awareness of the issues involved in the protection of intellectual property as well as the enforcement of copyright. The First Time Authors awarded for 2014 were:

Akiba Edwards Denzil Williams MarJuan Canady
Akousa Dardaine-Edwards Elias Lewis Michaellee James
Alan Agarrat Florabelle Lutchman Nichelle Dottin-John
Alyssa Mohammed Hillman St.Brice Noreen J. De Silva
Andre Johnson Jai Parasram Primnath Gooptar
Anika Mathur Mohammed Jennifer Yamin-Ali Rachael S. Peters
Ari Maharaj Jiselle O. Granderson Rajendra Duaby
Arlene Walrond Judson Farray Shalinie Mahabir
Arthur L. McShine K Jared Hosein Sherwin Joseph
Candice Sobers Kadeem Hosein Soyini Ayanna Forde
Carlene Hall-Sylvan Khamini Leston Tanya Renee Thomas-Greig
Cornelius Price Makesi Deon Mc Eachine Virginia Pacifique-Marshall
Darryl Bodkin Marie Phillip Wendell Wallace


NALIS’ fourth annual First Time Authors Appreciation Programme was held on April 23, 2013 (World Book and Copyright Day) at the Central Bank Auditorium, Port of Spain.

This programme celebrated and recognised persons who have been published for the first time during the period April 2012 and March 2013.

NALIS’ First Time Authors Appreciation Programme is designed to encourage writers to have their works published and to raise public awareness of the issues involved in the protection of intellectual property as well as the enforcement of copyright. The First Time Authors awarded for 2013 were:

Akeba Gaff Lex Francois Quintin Victor
Albert Andrews Lystra Scott Rajendra Shepherd
Ann Althea Nedd Madeleine Isaac-Ramsahai Rawle Pierre
Annabelle Soogrim Major Sarwan Boodram Sean Koping
David Chandler Maxine Attong Sheldon Peterson
Dianne Ojar-Ali N. Kwame Payne Sterlin Sookoo
Garfield King Nadia Ali Sybil Gibbs
Grace Clifton Noreen Thompson Tessa Pascall
Heather Rodney-Diaz Pearl Glasgow Tricia David
Keri Kitson Personal Student Learning Unit Yuklan Cross


NALIS’ third annual First Time Authors Appreciation Programme was held on April 23, 2012 (World Book and Copyright Day) at Theatre One, UTT Campus at NAPA, Port of Spain.

This programme celebrated and recognised persons who have been published for the first time during the period April 2011 and March 2012.

NALIS’ First Time Authors Appreciation Programme is designed to encourage writers to have their works published and to raise public awareness of the issues involved in the protection of intellectual property as well as the enforcement of copyright. The First Time Authors for 2012 were awarded in the following categories:

  • Fiction
  • Non-Fiction
  • Poetry
  • Honourable Mention

Please also see the First Time Authors Appreciation Programme Press Advertisement.



Juice, Juice, Fruit Juice by Raisah Ali

Raisah Ali
Juice, Juice, Fruit Juice is a children’s book published in Korea and used for teaching children English as a Second Language (ESL). Read more...

Empty Tanks by Lorraine Anthony-Bynoe

Lorraine Anthony-Bynoe
Empty Tanks is the story of six women, with different lives and different experiences, but the same deep unfulfilled need to be happy and to find a way to love themselves. Read more...

Daisy Chain by Elspeth Duncan

Elspeth Duncan
Daisy Chain links 53 women to each other in a chain of eclectic vignettes, some of which Elspeth intends to translate into film. Read more...

Battleaxe by Cheryl Gibson

Cheryl Gibson
Battleaxe is a story of discrimination, victimization, and injustice heaped on one woman over a period of 20 plus years in the Trinidad and Tobago Prison Service. Read more...

Timothy's Lessons in Good Values by Christopher Gordon Christopher Gordon
Timothy’s Lessons in Good Values highlights the importance of courage, diligence and perseverance through story-telling and fun filled activities. Read more...
Misunderstood: By A Single Twist of Fate by C. C. Graham Chris-Ann C. Graham
Misunderstood: By a Single Twist of Fate is a novel about friendship, relationships and sexuality. Read more...
For All the Right Reasons by August Haly

August Haly
For All the Right Reasons is a novel about “the perfect crime, a gruesome murder and a city under siege.” Read more...

Tommy by Paola Henderson 

Paola Henderson
Tommy is a book for children and parents alike. It raises awareness about Alagille Syndrome, and also aims to prevent bullying by teaching children acceptance of differences in others. Read more...

My Caribbean by Kathryn Hosein 

Kathryn Hosein
My Caribbean was created using textured paper and crisp local images for children aged six (6) months to three (3) years. Read more...

The Tale of the Forest Guardians by Ryan James 

Ryan James
The Tale of the Forest Guardians represents Ryan’s take on the beloved Trinidadian folklore characters Papa Bois and Mama D’leau. Read more...

Run, Run, Run by Anna King 

Anna King
Run, Run, Run is a book that is suitable for infants and encourages children to dream big. Read more...

Moruga Tales by June Lee Singh-Khan 

June Lee Sing-Khan
Moruga Tales recounts the stories of the strange and supernatural creatures that haunted the area of Moruga, filling the inhabitants with dread and wonder. Read more...

Truth Godspeed by Gareth Mayers 

Gareth Mayers
Truth Godspeed is a blend of science fiction and spirituality. Read more... 

The Night Nopat was Left Out by Lynette Noel  Lynette Noel
The Night Nopat was Left Out is a story that touches on the struggle of adolescents to find self, while addressing the dilemma parents face in guiding them through this stage of development. Read more...
The Boy in the Yellow Jersey by Rev. Cyril Paul

Rev. Cyril Paul (deceased)
The Boy in the Yellow Jersey is a collection of stories that allows the reader to reminisce on the life of Reverend Cyril Paul. Read more...

Thirteen Stories and Sixteen Poems by Pundit Gyandeo Persad

Pundit Gyandeo Persad
Thirteen Stories and Sixteen Poems are works that examine the universal themes of love, death, family life, infidelity the occult, nature, God and religious prejudice.  Read more...

Tales from the Pine Forest by Christine L Ramoutar  Christine L. Ramoutar
Tales from the Pine Forest is a collection of short tales about the Nimbly Knock squirrel family. The tales are to teach children essential values for life. Read more...
Breakable Moments by Ryan Ramoutar 

Ryan Ramoutar
Breakable Moments is the story of para-military youth on the streets of Trinidad. This story deals with issues such as suicide, abandonment, crime and love. Read more...

Jesunages by Kentie Salandy 

Kentie Salandy
Jesunages is a collection of short stories written in the Trinidadian Vernacular. Read more...

A Play on Words by Ornella Sammy

Ornella Sammy
A Play On Words is a compilation of monologues/poems addressing issues affecting the nation’s youths.  Read more...



The Success Journal by Anjani Ali

Anjani Ali
The Success Journal and The Wish book were designed to help individuals find their strengths and develop a plan to achieve goals. Read more...

Listen to Your Sons by Dianne Awong Persaud

Dianne Awong Persaud
Listen to Your Sons is a book on parenting for fathers, mothers and others.

Ena by Beatrice Beddoe-Mc Shine

Beatrice Beddoe-Mc Shine
Ena is the story of the author’s mother and her experiences in Trinidad from 1921. Read more...

The Life of an Entrepreneur by Eikirenson Charles

Eikirenkson Charles
The Life of an Entrepreneur is an illustrative guide for young people who want to get a head start in the world of business. Read more...

Forgiveness Considered by Rev. Henry Charles Rev Dr. Henry J. Charles
Forgiveness Considered explores the word in its biblical and non-biblical meanings. It clarifies the several misrepresentations of forgiveness in ordinary understanding. Read more...
Thinking Out Loud by Carolyn K. Correia Carolyn  K. Correia
Thinking Out Loud is a collection of articles, with each page containing something special for everyone. Read more...
Preparing for a Successful Marriage by Patreece Cuffie

Petreece Cuffie
Preparing for a Successful Marriage is a question based manual that will help individuals discover and understand the important issues that should be addressed before marriage. Read more...

The Untold Story of Waterloo by Martin Deane 

Martin Deane
The Untold Story of Waterloo - The Centre of Indian Spirituality explores the spirituality embedded within the village of Waterloo, Trinidad and the impact of 160 years of sugar operation and Indian immigration into the Caribbean. Read more...

The New Caribbean Home Garden Handbook by Shirley Hall 

Shirley Hall
The New Caribbean Home Garden Handbook is the culmination of research and experience in gardening. It is a complete guide to growing your own food at home with delicious, easy healthy inexpensive recipes. Read more...

Revelation Awakes Us by Lauren Joseph

Lauren Joseph
Revelation Awakes: Jesus Christ is Uncontainable was written so people would see that no matter what their situations may be, the Lord Jesus Christ is always there. Read more...

Ca Commence by Hakeem Karamath 

Hakeem Karamath
Ca Commence is a resource book that can be used by students and teachers as an introduction to French, or for the purpose of revision for students in forms one to three. Read more...

A Product of Insanity by Sylvan Lightbourne 

Sylvan Lightbourne
A Product of Insanity examines the struggles that Governments have faced in dealing with the public and governance. Read more...

Never Marry Your Soul Mate by Joel A. Marshall 

Joel A. Marshall
Never Marry Your Soul Mate stresses the importance of making an informed decision when choosing a mate. Read more...

Process Safety Management by David Pope 

David Pope
Process Safety Management: Understanding the Elements of (PSM) 29CFR 1910.119 is a useful and handy guide for management personnel working in the petrochemical industry. Read more...

The Ramayana Tradition by Sherry-Ann Singh 

Sherry-Ann Singh
The Ramayana Tradition and Socio-Religious Change in Trinidad, 1917-1990 gives a comprehensive account of how Hinduism in Trinidad has developed, from the end of indentured Indian immigration in 1917, to the start of the 1990s. Read more...

Health Communication in the Caribbean and Beyond by Godfrey A. Steele  Godfrey A. Steele
Health Communication in the Caribbean and beyond: a Reader is a discussion of local and international health communication literature. Read more...
CVQO and Education Caribbean Youth At Risk

Captain Dr. Wallace W. Williams
CVQO and Education: Caribbean Youth ‘At Risk’ advises young people and volunteering adults on opportunities to improve their prospects in education and work through vocational qualifications. Read more...



Smiles and Frowns by Majorie Alfonso

Marjorie Alfonso
Smiles and Frowns is a collection of poems and short stories that has spanned Marjorie’s lifetime. Read more...

Poemas de Corazon by Safiya Baksh Hosein

Safiya Baksh Hosein
Poemas Del Corazon is a book of introspective and romantic poetry written in Spanish. Read more...

Reminiscence by Cassandra Baptiste

Cassandra Baptiste
Reminiscence is a collection of poems rejoicing in the awe of nature and the joy of peace. Read more...

Birds of Trinidad: A Collection of Poetry by Denise Etienne

Denise Etienne
Birds of Trinidad: A Collection of Paintings and Poetry was inspired by Denise’s work in the forest and wildlife at the Asa Wright Nature Center. Read more...

Between the Plains by Natalie M. Gonsalves Natalie M. Gonsalves
Between the Plains is a book of poetry compiled over a period of eight (8) years. The book contains forty-eight (48) poems and has a picture for each poem. Read more...
It's My Turn to Bless You Mother by Helen John Helen John
It’s My Turn to Bless You Mother is a book of prayer, poems and encouragement for mothers and women. It aims at reminding them that many of the changes in this world truly begin with us. Read more...
Conversations: Come Let Us Reason Together by Karen King

Karen King
Conversations: Come Let us Reason Together is a collection of poetry that attempts to excite and invigorate the reader. Read more...

The Avocado Tree by Roxanne Mapp 

Roxanne Mapp
The Avocado Tree - an Immigrant’s Journey is about the author's life in Trinidad and as an immigrant in America. It is a coffee table book of poetry, photographs and art work. Read more...

Reinventing Poetry: A Collection of Poems by Franchot P. Moore 

Franchot P Moore
Reinventing Poetry: A collection of poems is a series of writings meant to inspire, motivate and uplift. Read more...

Tantie Diablesse by Fawzia Muradali Kane 

Fawzia Muradali Kane
Tantie Diablesse is a long sequence of poems that brings to life the folklore, traditions and myths of Trinidad and Tobago. Read more...

Reflections: Poems and Verse by Peter J Questel 

Peter J Questel
Reflections: Poems and Verse presents a universal standpoint on topics such as love and hope; faith and prayer; wisdom and direction. Read more...

It's Yours - My Gift of Poetry by Joy Valdez

Michelle Thomas
Oasis of Experiences: A Book of Poems is a collection of poetry meant for women to encourage and to change lives. Read more...

It's Yours - My Gift of Poetry by Joy Valdez 

Joy Valdez
It’s Yours - My Gift of Poetry is a book of poetry that aims to inspire and invigorate the reader.Read more...

As Life Reveals Itself by Abigail Vegier 

Abigail Vegier
As Life Reveals Itself is a collection of poetry to enlighten and encourage the reader to appreciate and respect the journey of life. Read more...

If I Die Tonight by Rudolph A. Williams  Rudolph A. Williams
If I Die Tonight is a collection of stories and poems in which the writer explores some complex aspects of human behavior. Read more...
A Love Poem for You by Harry Sankar and Radica Sankar

Harry Sankar and Radica Sankar
A Love Poem for You is a variety of poems, giving a vote of thanks to fathers, mothers, children, God, music and friendship. Read more...

Poems by Kishore Rampersad Kishore Rampersad
Poems is a collection of locally written poems suitable for primary school children and described as “a humble offering of love made manifest.” Read more...  



Peace of Mind for the Heart by Abigail J. Chandler

Abigail J. Chandler
Peace of Mind for the Heart is a collection of poetry and quotes featuring topics such as God, love, faith thankfulness and nature.  Read more...

Seeds in the Wind: From Petit Valley to Staten Island by Sue-Ann C. Commissiong

Sue-Ann C. Commissiong
Seeds in the Wind: From Petit Valley to Staten Island is a therapeutic journey, as the author deftly retraces her footsteps from Trinidad to Staten Island. Read more...

The Magic Cave by Aarti Anika Gosine

Aarti Anika Gosine
The Magic Cave is the first in a trilogy of adventure stories for children. Read more...

Succeed in Electronics - Basic Theory by Dhanraj Ramnath


Dhanraj Ramnath
Succeed in Electronics - Basic Theory is an academic text book for students of electronic or electrical engineering. Read more...


Alana D. O. Babb - Poems from the Heart is a compilation of poems on love, friendship, beauty, the environment and breakups. The book is inspirational entertaining, thought provoking and suitable for all ages. Read more...
Claudette D. Bacchas - Eat Greedily God’s word: More Necessary Than Food was inspired by Job chapter 23:12 and is based on her experiences with God. Her prayer is that every individual who reads this book will come to know Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour. Read more...
Dr. Suzanne Burke - Policing the Transnational: Cultural Policy Development in the Anglophone Caribbean 1962 - 2008 explores and critiques cultural policy practices in the region from the independence era to present day. Read more...
Sherese Chee Mook - Sovereignty Deconstructed and Self-definition Revisited: A Perspective on the Abolition or Retention of the Privy Council as the Final Court of Appeal for Trinidad and Tobago expands the debate as to whether former British Colonies such as those from the Commonwealth Caribbean ought to retain or abolish the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council as its final court of appeal. Read more...
Jonathan de la Rosa - A Coconuts Life For Me was inspired by a desire to read a local book to his son. He wanted an age appropriate book with a local Caribbean flavour and so Husky was born. This is the first piece in the “Husky the Coconut” series. Read more...
Usha Habib - Hindu Epics is a compilation of 21 stories that are important to all Hindus. The topics range from the manifestations of God on earth, to great enlightened men or women famous for their deeds or way of thinking. Read more...
Krishna Haraksingh - Concepts of Statistical Polls was written to assist citizens in understanding the ideas and approaches that would help in understanding statistical information that can impact on daily life and issues of national importance. Read more...
Ronald Arthur Hinkson - Gemstones Set in Sterling Silver is a compilation of fifteen humorous stories that vividly reflect the adventure of Ronald Hinkson. Read more...
Kia-Marie Khelawan - Friendly Fire and a Side Order of French is a humorous story of a whimsical, free-spirited intern’s first foray into the world of corporate work. Read more...
David L. King - An Innocent Killing is a murder mystery intertwined with a love story that starts in New York City and ends in a small village in India. Read more...
Kwailan La Borde - Wind, Sea & Faith is an autobiography of her life. It depicts her journey as a courageous and determined adventurer, while giving insight into her innermost thoughts and challenges as she sailed twice around the globe.
Edward Mahabir - The Legend of Bizarium - A New Divide is a twenty six (26) chapter novel, which chronicles the adventures of six (6) friends. Read more...
Clyde Manswell - The Pledge tells the story of one man’s remarkable journey from Trinidad & Tobago to Canada, from relative poverty to relative affluence, from childhood to adulthood. It is a story about, the power of a simple pledge between a mother and a son, and the power of a family’s love and solidarity. Read more...
Manuel A. Pantin - The Return of EL Dorado and Sins of the Father is a novel in two parts, in Trinidad and a fictional South American state called Upata. In this story an Amerindian Prince and his descendants wage a long war of liberation. Read more...
Phillip Edwin - Internal Music - Is Music from the Heart was written to bring people to a better understanding of their mind and heart in relation to God. Read more...
Garth Lyder - The Boy from Tacarigua is an autobiographical work that can serve as a road map for young men that find themselves lost on the desolate road of life. Read more...
Shamilla Scarlett - Understanding Poetry for CSEC, presents excellent tips for the analysis of poetry as it has thematic tables with relevant poems, and sample questions and specimen answers. Read more...
Lennox Sankersingh - Politics in the Indo-Trinidadian Constituencies 2009 is an analysis of politics in a developing country. Read more...
Sahara Seedeo - Poetic Enlightenment, Sahara’s writing surfaced after leaving secondary school. She has an uncanny ability to write freely with a fluent flow of thoughts and words. Read more...
Stanley Scott - Raising a White Binny traces the experiences of four friends in London, England in the 1960’s. Read more...
Sheilah Solomon - Perception’s Knife by conveys a sanguine hopeful outlook on life. These poems are direct, pointed, immediate, balanced and resonant. Read more...
George Martin Tavares - The Psalms of YAD-EL 110 by is an anthology of Christian inspirational psalms, poems, and songs. Read more...
Georgia Dyett - Isaiah and His Friends is based on moral values for children. Georgia saw the need for this area in a child’s early development to be addressed. Her objective in writing books is to leave behind a legacy for the young people of Trinidad and Tobago. Read more...
Julia Alexander-Sancho - A Journey into the Presence of the Lord presents a simple way to develop a better relationship with God. Read more...
Cecly Ann Mitchell - Le Noireau, tells the story of Scotland Bay, and follows the fortunes of the Le Noireau family through six generations from the moment Franz Claude departed St. Domingue to Trinidad and Tobago’s Independence in 1962. Read more...


Speeches given at the First Time Authors Appreciation Programme 2011


Trini Melange

Bertille Allahar (nee David) was born in Arima where she attended Arima Girls Catholic Primary School, and then St. Joseph’s Convent, Port of Spain. Currently she resides in Diego Martin with her husband Haven Allahar. She has two children-Dawn Edinborough and Aleix Culture and two grandchildren- Christiana Edinborough and Nikoli Barbour-Alexis. Read more...

If I Had Today

Calvin Bijou was born at Lucknow Street, St. James and attended Woodbrook Presbyterian Primary School, Fatima College and the University of The West Indies, St. Augustine. Read more...
Boldly The Trips

Roy Anthony Galt was born in 1922, in Port of Spain, Trinidad. He was educated at St. Joseph’s Convent and St Mary’s College, Port of Spain, Trinidad. At age 22, Galt married Marjorie Millar with whom he was immensely happy for 56 years until her demise in 2001. Their marriage produced three daughters and four sons. Read more...
Jewels For Children

Brij Goberdhan was born on August 27th, 1962, in Sangre Grande, Trinidad. He attended Avocat Vedic School and San Fernando Boys Government School before completing his secondary school studies at Naparima Boys College. Read more...
The Headless Corpse

Reginald Jack was born in San Fernando, but now resides in Couva Trinidad. He was educated at Fyzabad Intermediate and as a young man always dreamt of being a published writer. Read more...
At Last

Donna Mae was born on March 06, 1967 to her proud parents Ernest and Sylvia Greaves. She began writing at a very young age. As a child her stories entertained her mother and playmates in her neighbourhood. Read more...
The Beast of Venus

Shridath Shiva Maharajh was born on 14th January, 1977 and raised in Cantaro, Santa Cruz, Trinidad. Writing under the pen name (Cheyne Boodoo) Shridarth, shares proud roots with a multi-ethnic home life in the Southern Caribbean. Read more...
The Realm of Kings: The Struggle Between Light and Darkness

Brenton Nicholas was born 1987 in Sangre Grande. He grew up and still lives in Biche, Trinidad. At secondary school his favourite subject was English Literature. He found the courage to begin writing while he was studying for his Advanced level Examinations at Rio Claro Secondary School. Read more...
...as A Tale That Is Told

Annette Osborne (nee Phillips) was born on April 26, 1946 in Arouca, Trinidad, West Indies. She graduated from The University of the West Indies (UWI) with BA (1973), MEd (1990) and MPhil (1997) degrees. Read more...
Brown Sugar and Spice

Betty has worn many hats. She was a private teacher to the children of the Administrator of St Lucia. Subsequently she was chosen to be the understudy to Dorothy Dandridge in the film “Island in the Sun” and travelled with 20th Century Fox throughout the Caribbean. Read more...
Jayden and the Return of the Jalon Warriors

Jamal Lennard Q'ettelle Jr. was born on the 14th August, 1983, in Chinapoo, Morvant. He is the second eldest of eight children. He enjoys playing football, cricket, basketball and chess. He attended the St. Dominic's RC School, and later passed for the Success Laventille Composite School. Read more...
Dilemmas of Deokie

Carol Sammy was born and grew up in Trinidad, later residing in England for a number of years. She has worked with Special Needs children in both countries, and is the co-founder of the St. John Bosco Academy, a small Special Needs school owned by Mrs Leticia Rodriguez-Cupid a close friend and confidante of Mrs. Sammy. Read more...



Trinidad and Tobago Smart Kids

Annabelle Bally was born 1981 in Trinidad, where she was educated at the Montrose Vedic Primary School, Chaguanas Junior Secondary School & Chaguanas Senior Comprehensive School. Read more...
Reflections of a Soldier, A Memoir of 1970 and Events Before and After

Clement Burkett, was a member of the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force from 1966 -1972, two years after the armed revolt in the Trinidad and Tobago Regiment which occurred on the 21st April 1970. He was the Assistant Company Clerk at the time the revolt started, and witnessed almost every unfortunate event that occurred in and around that period. Read more...
Awakening the Spirit...You Can!

Dexter Emrit was born in Tunapuna, Trinidad in 1968. He is the youngest amongst six children and currently resides in his hometown. He holds a Master’s Degree (Heriott Watt) in General Management and is also a specialist in Human Resource Management. Read more...
Letters to Ailan

Miss Universe 1998, entrepreneur, philanthropist, mother and author; Wendy Marcelle Fitzwilliam was born on October 4, 1972 in Diego Martin, Trinidad and Tobago She holds a bachelor, degree in law (LLB) from the University of the West Indies and is a member of the Trinidad and Tobago Bar Association. Read more...
Extranets: Designing, Planning and Implementation, A Practical Guide for Implementing Secure Enterprisewide Communication

Sheriza was born and raised in Manahambre, Princes Town, Trinidad in 1965. She attended Lengua Islamia TIA Primary School and St Stephens College in Princes Town (1976-1983). Read more...
Floored Price Contorls in Trinidad and Tobago

Mr. Deane Husbands was born on October 22, 1960 and grew up in the community of Tacarigua in Trinidad where he still resides. He was first employed in 1983 as an economist in the public service of Trinidad and Tobago where he served for twenty-five years. Currently he is self-employed as a consultant. Read more...
All the World Worshipped the Beast

Keith has researched Bible Prophecy for the past 29 years. His research led him to produce his book All the world worshipped the Beast. Read more...
Embracing Success through Customer Service

Joy Kelshall retired from the aviation industry after over twenty years of service. There she acquired a wealth of knowledge in Customer Service and in Training. Recognizing the great importance of good customer service, which she considers the key element to success, Joy decided to write a book about it. Read more...
Street Food of the Caribbean

In 2003 Anu Lakhan started her food column in the magazine Caribbean Beat. The column was once described by the magazine’s editor as a body of work that “mystified readers by discussing the metaphysics of food.” Read more...
Perspectives of a Muslim Woman from the Caribbean

Rose Mohammed is sixty eight years of age. She is married to Rashide Tallim Mohammed. She has two sons and her daughter -in- law, Ira Mathur is a Journalist. Rose joined the Public Service in 1961 where she worked for nineteen years. Read more...
The Call of the Drum, The Philosophy of Conscience & African Worldview

Rafiki...muralist, painter, poet, writer, historian, political scientist, organizer, educator, performer and public speaker, was born in Baltimore, Maryland, USA in October of 1956, and began drawing at age three. Read more...
A Man's Guide to Good Cheating, "...What Most Men Want to Know...But What All Women Should Know"

From a family steeped in the traditions of print and publishing, Christopher P. Nokio, the writer’s pen name, has been writing most of his adult life. Short stories, long stories and short plays were his secret indulgence. Christopher eventually took on a job at a local weekly newspaper which allowed him the time and outlet to write. Read more...
The Great and the Teribble Day of the Lord...decoded

Stephen Ramdhani was born in the village of Balmain in 1955. At present he lives at Couva with his wife Angie and children Nesha, Jessica, Joel, and Priscilla. Today he works with the Ministry of Works as a painter. Read more...
Lifelines: 101 Thoughts and Tips for the Joureny of Life

Anthony Webster was born in Trinidad and Tobago. He was able to garner a wealth of knowledge and experience by pursuing his chosen profession, his exposure to life in a monastery. Read more...



Faery Child and Other Favourites

Trinimade (Maryse Achong) began writing poems about any and everything at an early age. Since both her parents loved and wrote poetry, this seemed to be a natural thing to do. Read more...
Dove, Love & Real Life

Carson Alexander was born in Maraval and currently resides there. In 1998 he began writing poems at South East Port- of-Spain. The main reason was to spread love through poems. Read more...
Songs of Inspiration and Hope

Henry Elijah Clarke was born in Kilmamock a small district in the parish of St. Elizabeth, Jamaica. At a young age he was seen as the Village Reporter as he would submit articles about his community to the Daily Gleaner which was the main newspaper. Read more...
My Legacy at Carnegie Free Library: Poems

Satram Deo was born in 1949 and grew up in humble surroundings in Central Trinidad. He was the fifth of eight children, born to parents, who were sugar workers with Caroni Limited. Read more...
Crossed Suns

Ian Dieffenthaller was born in the UK to a Trinidadian family. He grew up in and around San Fernando and was schooled and at Pointe-à-Pierre. He then trained as an architect at Bristol, and acquired his PhD from the University of Birmingham. Read more...

Rakhee A. Kissoon’s story started 30 years ago in Railway Road, Cunupia. She was born into a strong Hindu home. Her parents were Hindu devotees who along with her elder brother were strong spiritual leaders within their community. Read more...
Inspired Poems: Poetic Expressions, A Truly Innovative Anthological Experience

Philbert Alexander Lendor is a past student of the Writer’s Bureau of Manchester, England. Philbert thinks that he has a unique understanding of events. Read more...

Janessa had always been intrigued with words. She read a lot when she was a child, but because she remembered so little of the books she read, she concluded that she was more bedazzled by word play, sentence construction, vocabulary and literal conjecture, than content. Read more...
The Age of Romance and Reason

Shivanand Mohan was born in 1982. He was first of three children and the only boy. His interest in writing and the written word can be attributed to his maternal grandmother who delighted in telling him stories from the Ramayan or reading stories she knew as a child. Read more...
Ode to Love

Carla Prime was born 1959 in San Juan, where she grew up and attended San Juan Girls’ Government School and then San Juan Government Secondary School. She has one daughter Welete-Israel. Read more...
Heroes in the Dark

Therese Cecile Rachpaul is a poet residing in San-Fernando, Trinidad. She has written many poems, short stories and essays from her days at St. Gabriel’s Girls’ Roman Catholic Primary School where in Standard Five, her essay was chosen to be published in the Junior Express Newspaper. Read more...


The Chalice Project

Lisa Allen-Agostini is a writer and journalist. She is co-editor of Trinidad Noir (Akashic Books, 2008) and author of The Chalice Project (Macmillan Caribbean, 2008). A freelance journalist, she writes for the Trinidad & Tobago Guardian, Caribbean Beat magazine, the Caribbean Review of Books and other publications. Read more...
The Girl in the Cupboard

The Girl in the Cupboard is an autobiographical portrayal of Cheryl Ann’s life from childhood to adulthood. Her experience runs the gamut of abuse with its attendant ills: insecurity, loneliness, self-doubt, self-hate, confusion and impaired choices that she overcame. Read more...
The Legacy of a Patriarch

Susan Sinanan-Ganness was born at Beausejour village in Cedros. She is the 7th child of Charitar and Dhanpatia Sinanan from a family of 8 girls and 6 boys. She is married and is the mother of two daughters and two sons. Read more...
The Rag File - Writings of the Aluminium Smelter Wars

Burton Sankeralli is an independent intellectual. He has been involved in philosophical research and Trinidadian culture for over twenty years. A former newspaper columnist his pieces have also appeared in a number of scholarly and academic publications, including Enterprise of the Indies edited by George Lamming. Read more...
Postmarks from Paradise

Albert W B Sydney has designed several philatelic issues for Trinidad and Tobago and is Executive Director of Sydney Associates, a Corporate Philatelic and Numismatic Consultancy firm since 1992. Read more...