05 July 2017


In an effort to bridge cultural divides, create a greater understanding among communities and promote multiculturalism, the National Library and Information System Authority (NALIS) will host a celebration of Latin American culture, arts, films, poetry and cuisine from June 27 to July 03, 2017 at the National Library, Port of Spain.  This programme is intended to provide the public with an insight into the culture of our Latin American neighbours and to create a renewed interest in the learning of Spanish as our first foreign language.


The launch of Latin Nights will take place on June 27, beginning at six in the evening with a cocktail reception hosted by participating embassies: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Cuba, Costa Rica and El Salvador.  Remarks will be given by Catherine Romain, Nalis’ Executive Director (Ag.), Honourable Dennis Moses, Minister of Foreign and CARICOM Affairs and the Honourable Maxie Cuffie, Minister of Public Administration and Communications.  


The opening night will also feature tango dancers and Her Excellency Ana Pisano-Ashton of the Embassy of the Argentina Republic will introduce a documentary film on her country titled: Sintiendo a Piazzolla (Feeling Piazzolla). The film focuses on the life and work of the renowned Argentine tango musician and composer of the 20th century, Astor Piazzolla.  It integrates historical records by Astor himself, as well as personal testimonies to give the viewers an insight into the artist´s world.  A different embassy will be featured every each night during the celebration.


During the period of Latin Nights, an exhibition showcasing  artefacts from participating countries will be on at the National Library.  Additionally, libraries across the network will mount displays and host activities intended to educate the public about the linkages between Latin America and the Caribbean, and the Spanish influence on Trinidad and Tobago in particular.


Following is the complete schedule for Latin Nights:


Tuesday 27 June, 6:00 pm

Sintiendo a Piazzolla

(Feeling Piazzolla)!


Documentary/Film that focuses on the life and work of the renowned Argentine tango musician and composer of the 20th century, Astor Piazzolla

Friday June 30, 6:30 pm

Cuban Film Night!


Cuban film production featuring “Trinidad” (a documentary about Cuban Trinidad) and the film, “Habanastation”


The documentary is subtitled in English and the  Film is for persons of all ages, also subtitled in English


Wednesday 28 June, 6:30 pm

Audio Visual Spectacle!

"The Anthropophagic Urge:

A Journey Through

Brazilian Poetry"


Featuring a historical panorama of the development of poetry in Brazil from its beginning up to the turn of this century, presented through the texts with the use of readings, video clips and recorded songs. The poems will be read in Portuguese, with accompanying written translations in English.


Saturday July 01, 5:30 pm

Costa Rica, Pura Vida!


This programme is in celebration of 45 years of diplomatic relations between Costa Rica and Trinidad and Tobago the Embassy of Costa Rica.  Featuring a Lantern workshop, storytelling, dance, parade and video presentation.


Thursday 29 June, 6:30 pm

Multicultural Chile!


Featuring dances, handcrafts and food from Rapa Nui (Easter Island) “Rapa Nui: Ancestral dances from the Chilean Polynesia”


A complete presentation of different ancestral dances from Rapa Nui Island performed by the dance group Heruru o Te Vaikava (Roar of the Sea) which is formed by Chileans and Trinidadians. The presentation will be complemented with a display of typical handcrafts, books and food from Rapa Nui.


Monday July 03, 6:30 pm

El Salvador Great Like Our People!


Presenting a photographic exhibition of Suchitoto, the colonial city of El Salvador and traditional food on sale (plantain empanadas, crazy corn and popular snacks from El Salvador.


This year El Salvador celebrates the 2nd anniversary of the beatification of archbishop Monsignor Oscar Arnulfo Romero. In recognition of this, the movie “Romero” about his life and work during the hard times of civil war in El Salvador will be shown.




For additional information about Latin Nights visit Nalis’ website at www.nalis.gov.tt.

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